Use the Temple to teach goal setting to kids
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Goal setting for kids: Using the Temple as a pattern

As you encourage your children to set goals, don’t miss out on the best goal setting pattern of all.

In the Temple, Heavenly Father shows how He exercises His parenting skills to help us progress.

As you follow him, you can do that same for your children.

The first great principle that ought to occupy the attention of mankind,

that should be understood by the child and the adult,

and which is the main spring of all action, whether people understand it or not,

is the principle of improvement.

President Brigham Young

Rising from level to level, like in the Temple

What does the Temple have to do with goal setting?

Try this.

Picture yourself in the Temple.

Your family is close beside you.

You are standing in the lowest level of the structure, underground.

The Baptistry

You know you are in the baptistry of the Temple

because you see the font supported on the backs of twelve strong oxen.

Because your family has been baptized, you don’t need to remain in this first location long.

So, you start up the steps to the next level.

Initiatory & Endowment

On this level you explain to your children,

they will soon be able to join you as they receive the promises of the initiatory and the endowment.

Since you have received these ordinances,

you can now make the effort to climb to the next level of the Temple.


Step by step you rise to the beautiful, peaceful, shining sealing rooms.

There you can receive the ultimate joy as a family.

You can be indelibly sealed as a family.

The strength and permanence of that ordinance is at the pinnacle of all that Father in Heaven offers us.

Teach kids goal setting with the Temple
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Teach kids goal setting with the Temple

Ways to use the rising symbolism of the Temple to teach about goals

Share the beautiful symbolism of rising step by step, level by level with your family.

The built in symbolism in the structure of the Temple is striking.

As you share this symbolism with your children,

you can instill deep in their hearts an understanding of what they need to do to receive “all that the Father hath“.

This understanding can guide them all of their lives, even when you are not with them.

The levels of the Temple teach about the necessary efforts needed on their part to achieve goals.

They teach about the line upon line way that Heavenly Father mercifully and patiently helps us slowly progress.

The solidity of each floor of the Temple can help your children understand

how covenants and ordinances can give them confidence and hope

as they trust God to keep His promises as they struggle to keep theirs.

What other ways can you use the layered structure of the Temple as you teach your children?

More Temple truths about goal setting

  1. Making commitments

    Heavenly Father shows us that as we physically and vocally commit to Him, we are more likely to succeed.

  2. Return and report

    Pay attention to the truth that when we know that we will be reporting back face to face, we have added incentive to make all of the efforts we can.

  3. The importance of effort

    President Russell M. Nelson has told us that “The Lord loves effort“.
    How does the Temple experience teach that truth?

  4. The strength that an eternal perspective can give

    No matter what the goal, understanding Heavenly Father’s line upon line plan of happiness can make all of the difference.

Many other ways exist to use the Temple as a pattern

as your teach your children the eternal principles of goal setting and achievement.

Share your experiences with us as you teach these wonderful principles.

Teach kids goal setting with the Temple
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