How to help kids set goals
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How to help children set and achieve goals

You know that goal setting is a skill that will help your children be happier, stronger and more of a force for good.

But how do you teach them to love goal setting?

Here are 4 important ways.

What is a parent’s role?

I know!

It’s so hard to find a balance between helping your child set their own goals

and just taking over and making sure everything is perfect.

Here are some tips to help you encourage your children as they work toward goals.

They will help you can create tender, bonding moments with them

and instill a love of goal setting deep in their hearts.

Using the Temple as a pattern for children’s goal setting

As you work with your children in the “Children & Youth” development program,

look to the Temple for patterns of goal setting, progression and partnering with the Savior.

What better roadmap could you find?

Here is a great resource to help you.

Goal setting with children: Brainstorming games

The Children & Youth goal setting programs encourages our kids to learn by discovering, planning, acting and reflecting.

Read on for a barrel full of fun and effective ideas to help your kids find goals from the heart.

How to make goal setting a positive experience

Goal setting can go either way. Your kids could learn confidence, reliance on the Lord, and healthy motivation.

They could also feel pushed, discouraged or unhealthily stressed.

How can you encourage a positive goal setting and achieving experience for your children?

Here are some inspired ideas.

How to help kids set goals
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Help kids set goals

Teach, inspire & get out of the way

This generation is spectacular.

They are also challenged in astonishingly difficult ways.

We as their parents have a wonderful opportunity to give our kids

a way to handle whatever they must face while growing and having fabulous experiences.

We can help children learn to set goals.

Look out world,


How to help kids set goals
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