Parent’s role in kids goals
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Kid’s goal setting & achievement: What is a parent’s role?

Oh how you love those kids!

But being their parent can be tricky.

Are you pushing too hard?

Not hard enough?

How can you best help them make and achieve their own goals?

Here are 4 tips to help you.

Parents and adult leaders, I invite you to see the youth as President Nelson does.

As the youth feel your love and trust,

as you encourage and teach them . . .—and then get out of their way—

they will amaze you with their insights, abilities, and commitment to the gospel.

President Russell M. Nelson

Find a healthy balance as a parent

Surprise! Your role as parent is not to make sure that your kids achieve their goals.

Your role is to be their greatest supporter, confidant and cheerleader as they both fail and succeed.

If you can help them learn to love the process of goal setting, of striving, you will have accomplished a great deal.

Parent’s role in kids goals
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Your roles as a parent is to love, support and encourage your child’s goals.

Teach your children resilience through goals

Teaching your child through goal setting means allowing them to struggle.

They will sometimes come up against brick walls.

Teaching them to re-evaluate and keep their real objectives in mind is an extremely valuable life skill.

For example: if your child has the goal of winning a basketball game, what happens when they lose?

You can help them remember that the real objective is becoming like Heavenly Father.

Either winning or losing can help them toward that objective if they have the right attitude.

Set an example of healthy goal setting

Do your children know what goals you have set for yourself?

What dreams are you chasing?

Tell them about it.

Help them see you as you succeed and fail.

Show them how you adjust your goals and try again.

Involve them in your process of reevaluation and resilience.

What a valuable shield that will be to them.

Learning how to succeed and fail while they are in your loving home

will help them be ready for the hard knocks life will give them when you are not around.

Share the experience

Spend relaxed, one on one time with your children regularly talking about their dreams and goals.

Make those times really special, warm, encouraging and cheerful.

Celebrate together in the triumphs.

Pour on the hugs and encouragement when things don’t go as planned.

You and your kids will look back on those sweet moments with smiles and warm hearts.

Your role in your kid’s goal setting is simple.

Love them with all of your heart.

Parent’s role in kids goals
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