How to create a positive goal setting environment for kids
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Goal setting for kids: How to create a positive experience

You want your children to have great goal setting and achievement habits to set them up for a great life.

One of the most important ways you can help them with this is to create a healthy,

nurturing, goal setting environment in your home and in your relationship with your child.

Here are some inspired and important tips on how to create a happy, healthy goal setting home.

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The direction in which we are moving is more important than where we are at the moment.

Goal setting should cause us to stretch as we make our way.

Marvin J. Ashton

How to create positive goal setting experiences for children

  1. Help kids find goals from their own hearts

    It is so difficult to step back and let kids set and work toward goals without pushing too hard.
    Remember that it isn’t really the goal that is most important, it’s the child that matters.
    Teaching children the process of making and reaching for goals that will help them most in their lives.
    But, how do you help them find out what goals are in their hearts without overstepping?
    Look for the link for a bunch of fun ideas at the end of the post.

    How to create a positive goal setting environment for kids
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  2. Create a nurturing environment

    The obvious ingredients in a nurturing environment are patience, love and respect for children.
    Obvious does not equal easy.
    But patience, love and respect are essential to help children establish happy goal setting memories
    and healthy goal achieving habits.
    You can show love for kids by celebrating with them in their successes
    and commiserating with them in their challenges.
    But, one of the most important things you can do is spend regular one-on-on time with them setting goals,
    planning, re-evaluating and learning from the process.
    That unhurried, unpressured time together is the key.

  3. Teach them to prepare for obstacles

    Once the goal is chosen, the next step is to make a plan with small achievable steps in written or drawn form.
    To help your child have a happy experience, don’t skip one more important part of the goal setting process.
    Planning for obstacles.
    Ask kids “what will you do if . . .” to get them ready to face the inevitable challenges that come with goals.

    How to create a positive goal setting environment for kids
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  4. What to do when kids want to give up

    It’s normal for kids to want to give up when things get difficult.
    This is where that good environment you have worked so hard to create can easily break down.
    Here are a few reminders that may seem obvious,
    but they are not obvious when you feel frustrated or inadequate as a parent.

    * Your child is more important than the goal they are trying to achieve.
    * This is their goal, not yours.
    * You are trying to teach the habit of goal setting, not achievement at any cost.
    * The process of reaching for a goal will bring growth whether the goal is achieved or not.

    With that said, you don’t want your child to develop the habit of giving up when things get hard.
    So, helping them learn the skill of re-evaluation and flexibility is very valuable.
    What was their ultimate goal?
    Is there a different path to that goal that may be more attainable?
    For example, if their goal was to draw a spaceship but it keeps turning out looking like a mushroom,
    maybe they could find a simple step-by-step instruction on the internet to help them.
    Talk about the feelings that they will have when they have accomplished something so difficult.
    Then step back and let them choose.
    Give hugs and smiles regardless of their choice because children are more important than any goal.
    Your sweet relationship with them is one reason your child will choose another goal, another day.

Give kids the gift of a positive goal setting environment

How do you create a positive goal setting environment for children?

To say it simply – love them, be patient with them and see the long view, just like Heavenly Father does.

Thanks for working to be a great parent.

The world is a better place because of your efforts.

I am truly grateful to you for that.

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How to create a positive experience
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