How to enjoy Christmas like a child
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How to enjoy Christmas like a child

Sparkling eyes

Excitement and anticipation

Bubbling energy

Maybe we can learn a few things from our children?

Soak in the joy of the season like a child.

Don’t miss out!

O what fun it is to . . . enjoy Christmas!

“Children invite the magic of Christmas into our hearts.

We miss something if we don’t see Christmas through a child’s eyes,

for children see the lights, they hear the music,

and they smell the fragrance of Christmas trees and candy canes with real anticipation …

Through Christlike and childlike faith we seek [the Savior] and we feel His influence.”

Rosemary M. Wixom
Former Primary General President
How to enjoy Christmas like a child
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How to enjoy Christmas like a child

When did it happen?

When did you turn into a crotchety, serious adult?

I know.

It’s a shock.

It happens to almost everyone.

Nurture your “little one”

In the New Testament, the Savior wants us to never offend one of His “little ones”.

Have you considered that allowing the world to squash down the exuberant,

joyful child inside of you might qualify as offending on of His little ones?

How would you like to get back that sense of wonder as you look at Christmas lights?

Is it possible to return your heart to the time when Christmas Eve was full of the zing of anticipation?

Why not?

Give yourself permission this year to . . .

Find wonder in Christmas like a kid

Christmas gives us time to make memories in our quest for conversion to the childlike.

I always tell my children, and I remind you,

that we only get a finite number of Christmases on this earth,

so we should enjoy each one and never get too mature

to enjoy all the classic Christmas traditions,

Christmas movies, and Christmas-themed jokes.

(What did the snowman order at the restaurant?

A hot chocolate and a mop.)

Scott E. Ferrin

Seek wonder

If you don’t believe in Santa Claus anymore,

what do you believe in?

Do you believe in waking up at 5 am Christmas morning to open presents?

How about doorbell ditching your neighbors with chocolate mint fudge?

Maybe you don’t feel the wonder of contemplating reindeer flying around the world in one night.

But, do you feel wonder at an expanse of untouched snow when you look out of your frosty window?

(I give you permission to draw a snowman with your warm finger on the steamy glass : )

Take time to enjoy that sense of awe.

Why should kids get all the fun?

How to enjoy Christmas like a child
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Learn to have joy in the holidays

Believe in something that moves you

Do something that makes you feel proud this season. (Or any season)


Feel proud for as long as you can.

Other things can wait a minute.

(Happy dances are a good thing).

Never squash a positive impulse

Kids don’t!

Just do it!

You will create many happy memories if you let yourself do happy things.

Give a gift secretly and joyfully.

Feel like hugging your teenager?

Just do it!

Do you have an impulse to secretly leave a treat on your child’s pillow?

Don’t hesitate.

Nurture the child in you.

You will find a new joy that will change the way you see life.

I pinky promise.

Don’t miss the chance to be filled with wonder in the holiday season along with your kids.

Need more ideas?

Here are 100 sparkling Christ centered Christmas traditions!

Why should kids get all of the fun?

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Looking for more ways to have a great Christmas this year? Try these.

How to enjoy Christmas like a child
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