The eternal potential of children: 3 helps for parents
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The eternal potential of kids: 3 brilliant helps for parents

You want to be a great parent?

Here are 3 important ways that recognizing the eternal potential of your children

can make you an inspired parent.

Our main object is eternal lives and exaltations;

our main object is to prepare ourselves, our posterity and our progenitors

for thrones, principalities and powers in the eternal worlds.

President John Taylor

(This post is part of a series exploring the eternal potential of children. Look forward to related posts including how this truth can inspire your children, how to use the Temple to instill this truth in your children’s hearts, and an activities and ideas post. )

Understand the eternal potential of kids: Be a better parent

You don’t remember what kind of person your child was before they came to the earth,

but Heavenly Father does.

Were they among the most valiant spirits there?

The chances are good that they were because of when they were born.

But, regardless of what they were like then,

they have the potential to become absolutely and utterly amazing in the future.

As C.S. Lewis says:

It’s a serious thing, to live in a society of possible gods and goddesses,

to remember that the dullest and most uninteresting person you can talk to

may one day be a creature which,

if you say it now, you would be strongly tempted to worship.

The Weight of Glory

If you can keep that perspective,

an understanding of how much Heavenly Father values your child for they are now

plus what they can become,

it will help you in the frustrating, day-to-day challenges that tend to dim the vision.

This minuscule portion of our existence here on earth is not the true reality,

Reality is what happens after the veil is removed from your eyes

and you see clearly who it is that God has placed in your home.

So the next time you feel impatient or discouraged in parenting, think “big picture”.

That may take time on your knees.

Here are 3 reasons to help you remember how precious your children really are.

1. The family is the best place for kids to learn their eternal potential

Individual progression is fostered in the family,

which is “central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children.”

President Russell M. Nelson

Next to Heavenly Father, you know your children better than anyone

Although you see their weaknesses every day, you also see your children’s strengths.

The world will try to take their vision of their potential from them.

But you can instill it in them so deeply that the eternal perspective won’t come loose in the turmoil.

Responsibility brings joy filled blessings

Because you have been given the opportunity and responsibility of raising your children,

you have the right to ask for and receive individualized help for your unique children.

Heavenly Father knows what they need and He will give you all of the tools,

strengths and understanding you need if you stay close to Him.

In the training ground of your home,

you are uniquely positioned to give your children exactly what they need to reach their potential.

The eternal potential of kids: 3 brilliant helps for parents
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Children endless potential. So do parents.

2. To enjoy them more, know what they can become

Think about the view from a satellite.

The deepest canyon is hardly noticeable.

But, turn your view around and look at the universe and the potential is awe inspiring.

With eternal perspective, the lowest points in raising your children can even out

as you turn your perspective heavenward.

You and your family have so much to look forward to.

3. Don’t forget your own eternal potential

Understanding the eternal potential of your kids is a key to help you be a brilliant parent.

As you realize your own eternal potential, both you and your child can grow together.

What a joy it will be to accompany your child on the amazing journey that Heavenly Father has planned for them.

The eternal potential of kids: 3 brilliant helps for parents
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