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10 Ways to Keep the Temple in Your Heart (2021 Style)





Well, this is unexpected . . .

Life gets quite a bit more difficult


You can’t go to the Temple whenever you want to.

But you know that everything the Lord does, He does for your benefit.


Let’s think this through . . .

How are you going to keep the Temple in your heart through all of this?


You can keep the Temple in your heart



Keep the Covenants You Have Made


You want the Lord to invite you back into the Temple.

Step one – keep your covenants.  

What an opportunity you have to show Him that you will keep your commitments to Him

under all circumstances.

Which leads to . . .



Keep Your Temple Recommend Current


The Temples are reopening.

You want to be ready.

But that isn’t the most important reason to keep your recommend up to date.

Think about the Temple recommend questions.

Living so that you can answer those questions without hesitation

will keep the Temple blessings flowing more than anything else you can do.

You can review the questions found here whether you are due for a new recommend or not.



Do Family History 


Family History and Temple work are two halves of an intertwined whole.

When you serve in one capacity, you affect the other.

Although family history does not take the place of Temple covenants and ordinances,

Many of the same spiritual experiences you had in the Temple can be accessed through family history work,

Especially now.

Show the Lord that you are still serious about assisting Him in His work,

And He will pour out blessings on you and your loved ones.

“While worshiping in the temple is presently not possible, I invite you to increase your participation in family history, including family history research and indexing. I promise that as you increase your time in temple and family history work, you will increase and improve your ability to hear Him.”

President Russell M. Nelson

 Hear Him

  April 2020 General Conference


Mentally Review the Temple


Take some time to sit quietly.

What do you remember about each of the ordinances?

Can you mentally walk through each ordinance and each room in the Temple?

If you were in the Temple, how would you be feeling?

Those chandeliers in the Celestial room, the sparkle is so beautiful.  

Can you feel the softness of the cushions under your knees in the Sealing room, 

And see the endless reflections in the mirrors?

What treasured Temple experiences have you had in the past?

What has the Lord taught you in the Temple and through the Temple?



Talk About the Temple


There is something about teaching and bearing witness that deepens your connection to the Spirit.

The question isn’t  should  you talk about the Temple . . . the question is what to talk about.

(See “Should I share Temple truths with my children?”)

Many of the experiences you have had in the Temple can be discussed.

(See Elder Bednar’s suggestions)

They can be a great way to prepare your children and others for when they can go to the Temple.

They can also be great teaching tools to help you be a great parent right now.

For ideas about appropriate topics click here.



Think About Your Garments


When you are getting dressed in the morning, think about what the garment represents,

And what covenants you have made with the Lord.

Be mindful of the sacred symbolism,

The hope, peace and healing that are offered by the small act of putting on




coverings each day.

It is so easy to let this extraordinary action become ordinary.

It is so easy to forget the price that was paid to bring us this indescribably significant blessing.



Look for the Temple in the Scriptures


Search the Topical Guide and Bible Dictionary.

It’s amazing how many scriptures are related to Temple blessings.

Have you noticed that much of the language of the ordinances are found in the scriptures?

Refocusing your scripture study on the Temple will keep those blessings in the forefront of your mind.



The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

James 5:16




Write It Down

What has the Lord taught you in the Temple?

Write it down.

How do you feel about the blessings you have been offered through your Temple covenants?

How has the Temple affected the way you live your life,

Your level of happiness?

How will you feel the first time you are able to walk through the Temple doors again?

Why is that?

Writing these things down can help you feel the joy of deep gratitude.

Which will help when you . . .



Pray for a Hastening of Temple work


Sometimes blessings don’t come until you plead for them.  

Do you remember times in your life when he answered your prayer?

He understands how much you miss the Temple.

He will hear your prayers now,  just as He has heard them in the past.

(Add some of that gratitude to your pleading.)


Take the Sacrament with a Temple Focus


The Temple and Sacrament ordinances are so interconnected.

As you take the Sacrament, reflect on your experiences in the Temple.

Think about how much those covenants mean to you.

Re-establish your commitment to keeping the covenants you have made.


We have so much to look forward to.

Temple work will be hastened.

The work of the Lord will not be stopped, or even slowed.

This experience is a part of God’s Great Plan of Happiness.

There are opportunities to not only make it through but thrive.

You can keep the Temple in your heart.




Keep the Temple in your heart even when you can’t go there
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