A heartfelt thank you note to young Latter-day Saint mothers
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A heartfelt thank you note to young Latter-day Saint mothers

To my hardworking, determined, loving, faith-filled young sisters:

Here is a full helping of love and appreciation for your mothering efforts.

Read on for a gift, a pep talk and some helpful and hopeful tips just for you.

You are loved!

“Motherhood is the greatest potential influence either for good or ill in human life.”

David O. McKay

I get it.

As a mother of six children,

I understand many of your joys and challenges as you struggle to raise your young family.

You get so tired!

And money is tight.

You aren’t sure you are doing it right

even though you really want to be the very best Mom you can be.

Some say that what you are doing is important.

Others say that the challenges of motherhood are beneath you,

an imposition on your freedom.

I’d like to give you a little pep talk,

a gift,

and a few survival tips,

because I am part of the group that believes with all my heart

that what you are doing is not just important but all important.

Motherhood is not just valuable but invaluable.

You are saving the world.

THANK YOU young Latter-day Saint mothers.

A thank you note to young Latter-day Saint mothers
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Your efforts as a mother are deeply appreciated. Thank you!

My gift to thank young Latter-day Saint mothers

My gift to you is to remind you of how Heavenly Father feels about mothers

using the scriptures and the words of the prophets.

Here are my favorite quotes about young mothers

that I hope will bring comfort and an eternal perspective to your wonderful heart.

Survival tips for young mothers

With the challenges you face, you could use a few tips, right?

These tips will assuredly help you with your biggest mothering challenges.

My pep talk to you sweet Moms out there

My heart swells with love when I see you arrive at church

herding your gaggle of animated, bright-eyed children.

Whether you are on time or not,

put together or ragged around the edges, you have accomplished something noteworthy

by just making it to church.

Your Heavenly Father loves you for what you are doing.

I love you

for your gentle heart,

your imperfect but complete efforts (think “widow’s mite”),

and for the sparkling love that you paint the world with each day.

My dear sisters, what you are doing seems small to you.

It is not.

Young mothers have the potential to have more impact on the well being of this world

than any other group of people.

You are gentle warriors fighting

on the winning side of the war.

You are important . . . you are loved

You have my deep gratitude

and I know that Heavenly Father often views your little family

with a tender smile and great love for you.

So, continue forward with prayer and hope

because He will help you in this “most important work.”

Thank you young Latter-day Saint mothers.

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A heartfelt thank you note to young Latter-day Saint mothers
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