atter-day Saint mothers
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6 sanity saving tips for Latter-day Saint mothers

Being a mom is no “walk in the park” right now.

Read on for 6 sanity saving tips to help you succeed.

6 sanity saving tips for Latter-day Saint mothers

Motherhood is challenging in any circumstances.

Being a mother in the “winding-up” phases of the latter-days just adds to the complexity.

Thank you for all that you are doing.

Here are 6 very helpful tips that will help keep you on target

and bring you the joy promised to you as a mother

as you work so imperfectly and yet with all of your heart.

Recognize the importance of motherhood

No more sacred word exists in secular or holy writ than that of mother.

There is no more noble work than that of a good and God-fearing mother.

Ezra Taft Benson

If this was a war (and it is), you would be on the front lines.

You are building protective fortifications,

treating the wounded,

and battling the enemy.

What you are doing is epic.

Please don’t ever think otherwise.

When things get tough, remember that what you are doing is absolutely vital.

Make it a team effort with Heavenly Father

When you have come to the Lord in meekness and lowliness of heart and,

as one mother said,

“pounded on the doors of heaven to ask for,

to plead for,

to demand guidance and wisdom

and help for this wondrous task,”

that door is thrown open to provide you the influence and the help of all eternity.

Claim the promises of the Savior of the world . . .

Rely on Him, Rely on Him heavily. Rely on Him forever.

Jeffrey R. Holland

You are not in this parenthood thing alone.

Fortunately, you are a part of the most effective, strong, wise and loving team that has ever existed.

And you have every right to ask for help or guidance at any time.

Find ways to tap into that resource more often than you have in the past and things will improve.


6 sanity saving tips for Latter-day Saint mothers
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These tips can save a Mom’s sanity

Take care of your own spiritual health

When we were younger we expected to be spiritually fed by other people.

(Picture baby birds squawking as their overtaxed mother drops worms into their mouths.)

Now we are the mother birds.

It’s time to take responsibility for our own spiritual health.

Decide right now what you will do when:

  • You have to stay home from church because one of the kids is sick.

(Perhaps make sure you take time to read and think about the sacrament prayers,

have general conference or Tabernacle Choir music playing in the background.)

  • There is little time to read scriptures.

(Maybe just leave the scriptures open on the counter to glance at as you dash past

or have scriptures playing in the background of your home.)

How are you going to make sure that you stay happy and spiritually strong?

Be determined to attend the Temple

Getting to the Temple as a parent used to be difficult.

Now it is exceptionally challenging.

You’re going to need a plan, a back-up plan and plenty of determination.

You need this.

You need the strength, inspiration and refocusing that comes while you are in the Temple.

Recognize that the Holy Ghost helps with the small things too

The day I realized that the Holy Ghost was helping me potty train my son was a life changer for me.

I was stunned to think that Heavenly Father cared about something so seemingly “beneath Him.”

But it really mattered to me as a mother and to my son, so it mattered to Him.

Then I realized that the Holy Ghost was reminding me of things to pick up as I walked down the grocery aisle.

I began to understand that He cares about the little things because I needed His help “in all things.”

And He was showing me that He is with me ALWAYS.

He cares about your details too.

I promise.


You are so amazing.

But even someone as awesome as you can’t do it all.

Heavenly Father can help you whittle back your burdens.

Some things are core.

Some things seem to be important but could be categorized as “traditions of the fathers” (or mothers in our case).

Ask Heavenly Father to help you see these things clearly and let them go.

Make space for what matters.

Mothers, save your sanity. We need you!

Please understand how much you are loved, appreciated, and relied on.

You may not hear that every day.

But it is so very true.

Thank you once again for all that you are doing, even if it isn’t perfect.

It is important, and you are important.

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6 sanity saving tips for Latter-day Saint mothers
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