1st time at the Temple? 2 ways to can help your child be spiritually prepared
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First time at the Temple? 2 ways to help your child spiritually prepare

Have you ever felt like me?

Do you wonder how you can affect the lives of your children

in the most important and impactful ways?

Here is your answer.

Prepare them spiritually to participate in Temple ordinance for the first time.

Read on

You can help your child prepare for their 1st time in the Temple

The Temple has such potential to make your kids strong, happy and ready for anything.

That first time they walk in can be powerful and affect their whole lives.

What are some ways you can prepare them

so that it will be a positive experience

that will lead to many more impactful Temple experiences?

Here are 2 ideas:

Two powerful words that can prepare your child

President Nelson has advised that members going to the Temple for the 1st time

focus on two concepts in preparation.

Children will benefit from these core principles as much as any adult.


The Atonement of Jesus Christ is the central act of all human history.

It is the core of the plan of salvation.

Without the infinite Atonement, all mankind would be irretrievably lost.

Temple ordinances and covenants

teach of the redeeming power of the Atonement.

President Russell M. Nelson

Because the atonement is central to the plan of happiness, it is also central to Temple work.

Reminders of the Savior and his pivotal role in redeeming all of God’s children

are found at every turn in every Temple.

You can help your children understand how crucial Temple work is

as you teach them that the Lord uses the Temple

as one of His most powerful tools to accomplish His work.

When they serve in the Temple,

they are fighting effectively in the “Lord’s Battalion.”

Children can understand these truths the first time they enter the Temple if they are spiritually prepared.

Look here for 46 inspired ways to teach kids about the atonement of Jesus Christ.


We need to remember that a covenant is a promise.

A covenant made with God should be regarded not as restrictive but as protective.

Covenants with Him protect us from danger.

President Russell M. Nelson

The making and keeping of covenants is a theme running through every part of the Temple.

If your children understand the sacred and serious nature of covenant making

then the Lord will be able to open their minds and hearts

to growth and happiness they would otherwise miss.

Spiritually preparing children to understand the power of covenants will open their eyes

and prepare them for Temple service.

Here are 50 inspired ways to teach kids about the concept of covenant.

1st time at the Temple: 2 ways to help your child spiritually prepare
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You can help your child spiritually prepare for their first time in the Temple

Preparing for their first Temple recommend

The Temple can start blessing your children right now

as they work to qualify for a Temple recommend.

A positive experience preparing for and receiving that beautiful little piece of paper

can catapult them into a life-long love of the Temple that can build confidence and protection.

Learn more here

Spiritually preparing for the Temple can bless kids right now

That moment will be so impactful.

You can do so much right now

to help your child spiritually prepare for that first Temple opportunity.

The Temple can bless them now as your children work to prepare themselves spiritually

for that first impactful visit.

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1st time at the Temple? 2 ways to can help your child be spiritually
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