Your child wants to know about the Temple
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Children want to know about the Temple

Don’t miss the opportunity to intertwine your child’s heart with eternal things.

Use your children’s natural curiosity to engage them with the Temple now rather than later.

Learn how here.

I see the light of the temple at night. 

As it shines it reminds me I must prepare so that I can go there,

And I need someone to guide me.

I see the light of the temple at night, and its glow is a symbol,

helping me think of the safety and peace that come from the holy temple.

Please teach me about the temple.

Please show me how to prepare.

Then all of my life I will try to be worthy to enter there.

Please teach me about the temple.

I want to know so that someday I may go.

Lynne Perry Christofferson
Children want to know about the Temple

Children want to know about the Temple

Children’s innate curiosity is a valuable gift from Heavenly Father.

You can use that gift to grow children’s interest in the Temple.

Start by sharing your feelings about the Temple.

Many of the things that happen in the Temple are sharable.

Talk about how powerful the blessings are that flow from the New and Everlasting Covenant.

It’s natural for a child to be drawn to the warmth and light of the Temple

Father in heaven we thank thee this day

For loving guidance to show us the way;

Grateful, we praise thee with songs of delight!

Gladly, gladly we’ll walk in the light.

Songbook, 177; also Hymns, 1985, no. 304

You know that the more you intertwine your life with your Temple covenants

the more you fill your mind and heart with eternal things, the happier you are.

The same is true for your children.

So talk to them about the Temple.

Steer their minds to eternal things.

Filling their minds and hearts with these beautiful, warm thoughts will be a protection and a source of joy for them.

Resources to help you engage your children’s natural curiosity about the Temple

Going inside God’s House – A sweet story about a young girl’s first time in the Temple.

7 Tips for Preparing Primary Children for Their First Temple Experience – A Church News article by the Primary General Presidency.

The Temple Grounds – Simple words and beautiful artwork tailored to your smallest children.

Matt and Mandy – A story about the how the Temple makes people feel.

A Temple for Italo – A young boy’s 15 hour journey to the Temple gives him time to think about when he is old enough to go inside.

Two Apostles Lead a Virtual Tour of the Rome, Italy Temple – A video tour of the Rome Italy Temple features an introduction by President Russell M. Nelson and a tour led by two apostles, Elder David A. Bednar and Elder Ronald A. Rasband.

Please teach them about the Temple

Be a guide to your children.

Show them the majesty, power and protection that the Temple can bring to them right now.

In turn, this will make it much more likely that one day you will be able to throw your arms around them in the Celestial room.

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Your child wants to know about the Temple
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