How to have a Christ centered Easter with Children
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A Christ Centered Easter with Children: 73 inspired ideas

Easter is the perfect time to remember Christ.

Why is it that it’s so easy to let His beautiful message get squeezed out by sugar and cuteness?

There are ways to refocus and have a joyful and fun Easter holiday at the same time.

Read on for 73 great ideas.

Easter is a sacred day, a day of Thanksgiving and divine worship.

It is not a day just for rejoicing because of the opening of springtime,

not merely an opportunity to display . . . fine clothing-

it is an occasion for the expression of gratitude to God

for having sent His only Begotten son into the world to be ‘the way, the truth, the life.

David O. McKay


Giving children a choice about what Easter activities your family chooses. Children are more likely to enjoy an activity if they help choose it.

Easter egg hunt – Fill some of your Easter eggs with scriptures or symbolic items. After the hunt, gather the family around the table to munch treats and talk about the eggs that are filled with a message. Or you could fill all of the eggs with scriptures or symbolic items. Anyone who finds all of a “scripture” eggs then gets a bigger treat.

Scavenger hunt – make a list of symbolic items for kids to collect or take pictures of. Then gather around the table and show each other what you found. Talk about what the symbols mean.

Let you children cut out “He is risen” from fun patterned paper and glue onto another paper.

Separate the bunny/candy/joy of spring part of Easter from the Christ centered celebration by having your Easter hunt and baskets on Saturday. That leaves Sunday for focusing on the important part.

Celebrate Palm Sunday

Celebrate the whole week before Easter

Have your family make an Easter journal the week before Easter. Each night before Easter write or draw something about the Savior and their feelings about Him.

Penny object lesson

Go on an Easter walk and look for things that make you all think about Christ, rebirth, hope or the Atonement of Christ.

Easter Carnation Experiment

Start a tradition of holding special Easter time interviews with individual family members to give them a chance to express their feelings about the Savior.

Easter Caroling

Visit the graves of loved ones

Talk about what happened each day of the week before Easter during dinner.

Christ centered arts & crafts children will love

Resurrection garden

Easter egg planters

Palm Branch Craft

Magic watercolor art

Stained glass of Easter morning – Have your kids draw a picture of what they think that first Easter morning looked like. Cover the picture with waxed paper temporarily as a pattern. Then have them tear tissue paper to fit their picture and glue stick the pieces onto the waxed paper. Cut out strips to make a frame. Hang these beauties in the window.

Coloring pages

Easter is about Jesus

Jesus is my Savior

Jesus made it possible of me to live with Heavenly Father again

My faith in Jesus Christ grows when I know He is my Savior and Redeemer


Easter Sunrise Breakfast–  Wake up early to watch the sunrise on Easter morning and have breakfast together (outside if weather permits.) It’s a great reminder that even though the sun sets at night, it rises in the morning- just like Christ rose again from the tomb.

Meaningful Easter Dinner

Host a Passover Meal – This is a great way to bring the past to life for your children.


You can have a Christ centered easter for children.

Tell the true story of Christ’s central role in Easter to your children

Read the story a little at a time from the New Testament

Read aloud calendar

Share the Easter Story with Neighbors– Share treats combined with a message with your neighbors.

Image collection

The miracle of Easter

Map of Jerusalem

Getting Ready

The Living Christ – Read, memorize or let the kids make frames for this pivotal declaration.

Reaching out

Start the tradition of Easter random acts of kindness

Easter flower doorbell ditch

“Egg” a Friend or Neighbor’s House– Serve your neighbors in a fun Easter way.

Family Easter Service Jar– This is a great way to help kids focus on other people instead of themselves at Easter.

Christ centered decorations

Nativity scenes – We know that Christmas is not actually the correct time of Christ’s birth. Why not celebrate His birth at Easter?

Decorate eggs with meaning – Talk to your kids about the meaning behind Easter symbols that they use to decorate their eggs.

Write or print out “What is the true meaning of Easter?” in bold letters. Post it in your home in an eye-catching place and way.

Stories from the Church magazines


You CAN have a fun & Christ centered Easter with your children

Having a Christ centered Easter can be the family tradition that every age enjoys and looks back on with fond memories.

It’s worth the effort.

Let me know down below in the comments how things went for you.

I would love to hear.

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A Christ centered Easter with Children: 70+ inspired ideas
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