How to have the Christmas spirit in your home
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5 ways to bring a warm Christmas spirit home

Don’t you love the feeling of sitting in a quiet, dark room, getting lost in the twinkle of Christmas tree lights?

During the hustle and bustle of the season,

take time to create a crackling fireplace, glowing lights, wrapped in a hug environment in your home.

Create memories!

Set the tone of your season

“The Savior’s gifts to us are breathtaking,

through the Atonement, the Savior offers us immortality, forgiveness, and eternal life.

Deiter F. Uchtdorf

Can you hear the quiet, gentle hymn “Silent Night” returning from past warm memories?

That sacred glow in your heart is the tone you want to set for your family.

Beautiful, peaceful feelings can combine with the joy and excitement of the holidays to bind your hearts together.

But first, take time to quiet your own heart with private moments of grateful prayer

and remember what Heavenly Father has done for your family.

Then encourage your family to do the same.

These five holiday ideas can help you.

Help your family feel the holiness of the holiday

How to feel the Christmas spirit in your home

  1. Gather your family in front of the Christmas tree and turn off the lights.

    Invite them to sit quietly and think about what Christmas is really about.
    Speak in whispers and smiles.

  2. View the spectacular Christmas lights on Temple Square virtually together.

    Add some treats and snuggly blankets and you will have a memorable night full of the warmth of Christmas.

  3. Light the World together through service.

    Here is a child’s version of the “Light the World” service calendar so they can participate too. (My gift to you)
    Serving others can soften hearts and create memories.

  4. At the beginning of December, mark out firm family time on your family calendar.

    Make those moments as joyful and memorable as you can.

  5. Take a minute to share this rendition of the special Christmas hymn “Silent Night” by David Archuleta and the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square with your family.

    You can expect eyes glistening as beautifully as any Christmas light as your family watches and listens.

Looking for more warm ideas?

I hope you have a very special Christmas this year and that your family will feel the Christmas spirit together.

One more love filled reminder: Jesus Christ is the source of all warmth, light, and healing.

With warm wishes,


How to have the warm spirit of Christmas in your home
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