The eternal potential of kids: Ideas & activities
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The eternal potential of kids: 100 activities & more

Don’t miss this flood of helpful ideas!

These fun and attention getting ideas will help you instill the mind-blowing concept of eternal potential

into your children’s hearts.

We have all seen a toddler learn to walk. He takes a small step and totters. He falls.

Do we scold such an attempt? Of course not.

What father would punish a toddler for stumbling?

We encourage, we applaud, and we praise because with every small step,

the child is becoming more like his parents. . .

Compared to the perfection of God, we mortals are scarcely more than awkward, faltering toddlers.

But our loving Heavenly Father wants us to become more like Him, . . .

that should be our eternal goal too.

God understands that we get there not in an instant but by taking one step at a time.

Deiter F. Uchtdorf

(This post is part of a series exploring the eternal potential of children. Look forward to related posts including how this truth can inspire your children, help you in your parenting, and how to use the Temple to instill this truth in your children’s hearts. )

Ideas to help teach the eternal potential of children

It’s important to realize that teaching children the concept of their eternal potential is fundamental.

But, just exactly how do you do that?

Here are a bunch of ideas and activities to help you teach your kids about their eternal potential.

Activities to teach “I am a child of God”

Memorize together

Start the tradition of memorizing scriptures together with these short but truth filled verses.

*** Look for the free scripture verse coloring page I created at the end of the post.

You can use it for your family to color or cut it into puzzle pieces to reassemble together.

“The spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God.” Romans 8:16

“I, God, created man (and woman) in my own image. Moses:2:27

Each child is precious” (short poem)

Coloring pages


I am a child of God

A child of God, no matter what (Matt & Mandy)

I am a child of God/No longer slaves by ELENYI

I am a child of God by the Tabernacle Choir

Because I am a child of God

80+ more resources

Ideas to help teach children about the “Plan of Happiness”

The “no instructions game”

  1. Hand a bag to your children with random items in it

  2. Tell them to go ahead a play but don’t give them any instructions or rules of the game.

  3. Point out that to understand a game we need to understand it’s goal or purpose. Similarly, to understand our own lives we need to know our purpose and goal.
    We need to know:
    Who we are
    How we can succeed
    What is God’s work and glory

  4. Play a game together that does have instructions
    Show the instruction of the game.
    Tell your children that they are like the “Great plan of happiness” that Heavenly Father has prepared for us.
    Express your feelings about this compassionate plan.

Find a bunch of great ideas in this article

The eternal potential of kids: Ideas & activities
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Activities can help kids learn more about their eternal potential

Ways to use Temple truth to plant seeds in their hearts


Set your sights

Look ahead


The blessings of the Temple

Two Apostles lead a virtual tour of the Rome, Italy Temple

Eternal potential goal setting activities

“One thing I love about you” activity

  1. Have each person fold a paper into several squares and write their name on the top of the paper.
  2. Everyone passes the paper to the left. Then, using one of the squares, write or draw something you love about that person.
  3. Pass it to the left and draw or write again about the person whose name is at the top of the page.
  4. Keep going until the page comes back to the person whose name it is at the top of the page.
  5. Talk about:
    • How each family member is has many strengths and reasons to love them.
    • We each are wonderful now and can become much more wonderful as we follow Heavenly Father’s plan for us.

See my blog post “Goal setting for kids: brainstorming games & activities” for many, many more ideas.

I hope these ideas will start other ideas flowing for you to help your kids understand their eternal potential.

Parents can do so much for their kids as you teach them about their immense eternal potential

We would love to hear other ideas that you have had.

Please comment below.

Scriptural coloring page We are the children of God
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The eternal potential of kids: ideas for parents
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