The eternal potential of kids
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The eternal potential of kids: 4 essential tips

How can you help your children have the tools and strengths they need to succeed in life?

Teach them about how their Father in Heaven sees them and you can show them what they can become.

Read on for inspired thoughts and tips.

As man now is, God once was:

As God now is, man may be.

Lorenzo Snow

(***This post is part of the 5 part series exploring the eternal potential of children.)

The eternal potential of children is so very important

One of the first things that Heavenly Father revealed in the restoration is who we are and what we can become.

We needed to know our potential to understand the scope of the adventure before us

and the possibility of what we can accomplish with the help of God.

Without that understanding we would become discouraged, selfish and injured.

With that knowledge we can be hopeful, full of love and progress beyond our wildest dreams.

The same is true for your children.

When you understand your kid’s eternal potential, it will change the way you see them.

When you children understand their own potential it will change the way they see themselves.

1. What an understanding of their eternal potential can give to kids

Whether you hope to teach your children self-motivation,

respect for themselves and others or how to see more clearly,

knowing their own potential can have a profound effect.

Click here to learn how.

2. How it will help you be a better parent

Seeing your children through Heavenly Father’s eyes will change the way you feel about them

and how you behave toward them.

Here are 4 ways it will help you as a parent.

The eternal potential of children
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Children need to know of their eternal potential

3. Using the Temple as a pattern

In a Temple-like experience, Heavenly Father told Moses that he was His child, then he showed him all things.

First Moses felt amazed, confident and excited,

then he felt humble, awe-struck and overwhelmed.

Seeing both parts of that same equation will help your children feel both empowered and humbled,

just like Moses did.

They can learn to be humble enough to access the power of Heavenly Father

while being confident and strong enough to continue moving forward.

Read more

4. Ideas and activities to help

Talking to your kids about their potential will help them.

Showing them what they can become will help them even more.

Here are some great ideas for 100+ activities, games and music for fun with a purpose.

You can help your children see their potential

The idea of our ability to become like God is can be mind blowing.

It certainly was for the early saints when Joseph Smith taught them this earth shattering concept.

It is the whole reason we need Temples.

Eternal progression can have a profound impact on the way your children see the world.

Understanding the eternal potential in kids can give them every tool they need to succeed.

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Eternal potential of kids:3 essential tips
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