My gift to young Latter-day Saint mothers
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My gift to young Latter-day Saint mothers

Being a young mother in the Latter-days is both the best and the hardest of experiences.

I just want to thank you with all of my heart.

These 10 quotes have given me strength as a mother.

It is my gift to you.

Read on.

Young Latter-day Saint mothers deserve a gift

Thank you!

You sweet, strong, faithful young mothers are a foundation of strength for the church

and for the world.

Please let me give you young Latter-day Saint mothers a gift.

Here are 10 of my favorite motherhood quotes from prophets, scriptures and other people who get it.

When you feel discouraged, I hope you will pull these quotes out

and recognize that they are about YOU.

You are not anywhere near perfect, but you are overwhelmingly wonderful.

#10 Purpose

I surely know that there is no role in life

more essential and more eternal than that of motherhood.

M. Russell Ballard

#9 Strength

May you be given strength to carry your heavy load,

to meet every obligation,

to walk side by side with a good and faithful and caring man,

and together with him rear and nurture

and bring up your children in righteousness and truth.

Nothing else you will ever own,

no worldly thing you will ever acquire

will be worth so much as the love of your children.

God bless you, my dear, dear young mothers.

Gordon B. Hinckley

#8 Financial struggles and Latter-day Saint mothers

To you young women with small children,

yours is a tremendous challenge.

So often there is not enough money.

You must scrimp and save.

You must be wise and careful in your expenditures.

You must be strong and bold and brave

and march forward with gladness in your eye and love in your heart.

How blessed you are, my dear young mothers.

You have children who will be yours forever.

Gordon B. Hinckley

#7 Uniqueness

There is no one perfect way to be a good mother.

Each situation is unique.

Each mother has different challenges, different skills and abilities,

and certainly different children.

M. Russell Ballard

#6 Foreordained

Yours is the grand tradition of Mary,

chosen and foreordained from before this world was,

to conceive, carry, and bear the Son of God Himself.

We thank all of you, including our own mothers,

and tell you there is nothing more important in this world

than participating so directly in the work and glory of God,

in bringing to pass the mortality and earthly life of His daughters and sons,

so that immortality and eternal life can come in those celestial realms on high.

Jeffrey R. Holland

#5 Angels will watch over Latter-day Saint mothers

If you try your best to be the best parent you can be,

you will have done all that a human being can do

and all that God expects you to do. . .

Do the best you can through these years,

but whatever else you do,

cherish that role that is so uniquely yours

and for which heaven itself sends angels to watch over you and your little ones.

Jeffrey R. Holland
My gift to young Latter-day Saint mothers
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Young Latter-day Saint mothers are precious. May this gift be a blessing to you.

#4 Heart

A mother’s heart is a child’s schoolroom.

Harold B. Lee

#3 The Lord can comfort Latter-day Saint mothers

Rely on Him.

Rely on Him heavily.

Rely on Him forever.

And “press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope.”

You are doing God’s work.

You are doing it wonderfully well.

He is blessing you

and He will bless you, even—no, especially

when your days and your nights may be the most challenging.

Jeffrey R. Holland

#2 Success

Many of you think you are failures.

You feel you cannot do well, that with all of your effort it is not sufficient.

We all feel that way.

I feel that way as I speak to you tonight.

I long for, I pray for the power and the capacity to lift you, to inspire you, to thank you,

to praise you, and to bring a measure of gladness into your hearts.

Ezra Taft Benson

#1 God’s work

Through the thick and the thin of this,

and through the occasional tears of it all,

I know deep down inside I am doing God’s work.

I know that in my motherhood I am in

an eternal partnership with Him.

I am deeply moved

that God finds His ultimate purpose and meaning in being a parent,

even if some of His children make Him weep.”

It is this realization

that I try to recall on those inevitably difficult days

when all of this can be a bit overwhelming.

Maybe it is precisely our inability and anxiousness that urges us to reach out to Him

and enhance His ability to reach back to us.

Jeffrey R. Holland quotes a mother

My gift to young Latter-day Saint mothers

As I worked on these quotes my heart filled with love for you.

This gift to you has helped me realize just what a gift you are to the world.

Thank you, a thousand times over.

Latter-day Saint mothers are so important to the Father’s plan of happiness.

You are so precious to Him

and to me.

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My gift to young Latter-day Saint mothers
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