Help your family keep Christ in Christmas
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3 ways to encourage gratitude in your family this Christmas

How easy it is to get wrapped up (no pun intended) in the fun of receiving and forget to be grateful to the giver.

Gratitude is a joy in itself and a skill that can be learned.

Read on for great ideas about how to help your family feel more gratitude this Christmas.

And don’t miss my FREE gift to you at the bottom of the post!

Gratitude encourages family happiness

[Gratitude] is a quality I have found in every happy person I know.

It is a quality that instantly makes a person more likeable and more at peace.

Where there is an abundance [of gratitude], there is happiness.

Joseph B. Wirthlin

How to teach children gratitude

  1. Be an example

    Express specific and frequent gratitude to your family. (General praise such as “you are awesome” is not nearly as effective as specific praise such as “I noticed how patient you just were with your sister. Great job.”

  2. Pray with them

    As you teach your children to pray, help them to understand that each prayer that begins with specific gratitude to God will bring them closer to Him and help them to love Him more. As they love Him more, they will feel the direction and healing of the Spirit more fully.

  3. Help them practice

    Give them opportunities to develop the skill of a grateful heart. Teaching your children to write thank you notes is a great place to start. Print out your free thank you notes at the bottom of this post. (My gift of gratitude to you.) Looking for more ideas of how to teach your kids the joy of gratitude? Don’t miss previous posts I have written on this topic including:

The Christ centered thank you notes below are my gift to you

I hope you will use them to help your kids to learn to send thank you notes whenever they have the chance.

This warm habit will set them up for wonderful moments throughout their lives.

Thank you for working hard to be a good parent.

I am so very grateful you are encouraging your family to develop gratitude this Christmas!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours,


Help your family have gratitude this Christmas
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