How to use the changes in church policy to help your child "stand as a witness"
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How to use church policy changes to help your kids “Stand as witness”

With all of the recent changes in church policy,

have you considered how the seemingly small change

of allowing youth to act as witnesses at baptisms both in and outside of the Temple

can be a great teaching tool for your family?

Read on for ideas about how you can help your children love “standing as witnesses” in all areas of their lives.

Help your children “Stand as a witness”

I will stand as a witness of God at all times and in all things and in all places.

Youth Women’s Theme

It would be easy to let this one pass by.

But why miss out on an opportunity to show your children the power and joy that being a witness can bring them.

Take time to talk

I think I was one of the first women to have the opportunity

to be a witness to a sealing in the Temple following the policy change.

As I sat in that seat next to the sealer I kept poking myself.

First because I wanted to make sure I was paying attention because now I was on the hook.

I was the one who would answer to the Lord, telling Him, “Yes, I was there” and “Yes, they really were sealed properly.

I was also poking myself because I was having a hard time believing that the experience was real.

The Spirit was powerful.

I knew that I was in the right place, doing exactly what Heavenly Father wanted me to do at that moment and it felt good.

Later, my grandson asked me to stand by the side of the font as witness

while he stepped down the sparkling tile steps that were just a little to big for his eight year old legs.

As I watched his slightly nervous, mostly excited face dip below the cool blue water I thought,

“What could be more momentous than this?

These two experiences got me thinking.

How will this change effect our children?

How can we use this new opportunity?

This is the ultimate hands-on, practical experience, teaching moment

to help our kids catch the vision and power of “standing as a witness” at all times?

A clear definition


A statement or other evidence that something is true

Guide to the Scriptures

Start there.

What does witness mean?

Does it mean stand at the side of the water and say “yes, they went all the way under”?

Or is there more to it?

With an eternal viewpoint, witness means bearing testimony of sure truth, giving evidence that something is true.

Ultimately it means bearing witness of Jesus Christ.

Here is a great opportunity to teach your children that standing at the side of the water is a special moment

but it is only a small part of their role as a witnesses.

Being a witness is a lifelong aspiration.

How to use the changes in church policy to help your child "stand as a witness"
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You can help your kids learn the joy of “standing as a witness”

Your children can stand as witnesses of Jesus Christ

“And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him [Jesus Christ],

this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him:

That he lives!

Doctrine & Covenants 76:22

Captain Moroni, Joseph Smith, Esther, Russell M. Nelson.

These valiant souls have claimed our deepest admiration because they have figured out the secret.

When you stand as a witness of Christ, He stands as a witness for you.

The Savior helps us become more and more like Him.

What more could you hope for in your children?

Happiness, strength, courage to do the right.

That is the real definition of standing as a witness.

What 3 blessings come from “standing as witnesses”?

You shall receive the , Holy Ghost which giveth utterance,

that you may stand as a witness

of the things of which you shall both hear and see.

Doctrine & Covenants 14:8
  1. The Holy Ghost will add His witness and power to ours as they bear testimony.

That means the message will go much deeper into the hearts of the people they are testifying to.

2. It also means that we have an opportunity to receive a further witness from the Holy Ghost in our own hearts.

Have you noticed that when you open your mouth to share truth from the Lord,

the Lord repays us with a powerful feeling of rightness, of love and of happiness?

Sometimes He even continues to teach us things that are beyond what we are saying or witnessing to at the time.

Your children’s sins can be forgiven as they stand as witnesses

For I will forgive you of your sins with this commandment—that you remain steadfast …

in bearing testimony to all the world of those things which are communicated unto you.

Doctrine & Covenants 84:61


3. One more blessing that your children can receive as they learn to stand as witnesses

is the powerful gift of being forgiven of their sins.

What greater gift could they be given?

Do they know that this is offered to them?

Don’t miss out: Help your kids stand as a witness

Standing as a witness in a baptism can be a great tool to help you talk to your kids about what being a witness means.

So, take a minute and talk to your kids about the changes that have happened.

Tell them how you feel about being a witness in your own experiences.

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How to use the church policy change to help your children stand as witnesses
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