Help children feel a sense of the sacred
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Help children develop a sense of the sacred

Do your children recognize and value sacred things?

Just how important is that anyway?

Read on to find out why, how and when your children can benefit from loving sacred things.

When you develop a deepening reverence for sacred things,

the Holy Spirit becomes your constant companion. 

Elder D. Todd Christofferson

Why do children need a “sense of the sacred”?

You have felt it.

As you walk into the Celestial room of the Temple, you feel the holiness,

the awareness that there is something very special about this room.

That “sense of the sacred” is a powerful motivator.

It changes your heart and makes everything look different.

It rearranges your priorities.

What can the awareness of sacred things do for your children?

Here are some inspired answers.

Help children feel a sense of the sacred
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How to help kids learn to value sacred things

You know its important to help children learn to sense and value sacred things.

But you aren’t sure where to start?

Try these inspired ideas.

Teach your family when to share and when not to share

Some things are just to sacred to talk about.

But, where do you draw the line?

The prophets and apostles have given us great counsel to help you.

Let’s take a look.

Little girl reading and praying
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Prepare this generation to receive more sacred things than ever before

Your children live in the “wrapping up” scenes of the history of the world.

We know that things will get more and more difficult

We also know that greater and greater light will dawn in the final scenes. 

That means, they will have more access to sacred things than any other generation before them.

Help them handle that opportunity/responsibility. 

Teach them to learn how to open the window to the flood of light that is waiting for them. 

Help children value sacred things.

What experiences has your family had that have helped them sense and value sacred things?

We’d love to hear about it below in the comments section.

Help children feel a sense of the sacred
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