Why kids need a sense of the sacred
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How to help kids value sacred things

Your children’s experiences will be determined by what is in their hearts.

If they value sacred things, they will have sacred experiences.

Here are some thought provoking ideas to help you help them.

Be an example of how to value sacred things

Speaking of society in general, 

I am afraid that many of my generation have been remiss

in transmitting to your generation,

a feeling for sacred things and an understanding of how to respect them.

D. Todd Christofferson

Show your kids how much you value sacred things by the way you dress, speak, act and the media you use.

Your example is powerful, for good or ill.

When you feel the Spirit witness to you. Tell them.

Give them as many sacred experiences as you can

Take them to the Temple.

Play sacred music in your home.

Teach them to be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.

Help them recognize the Spirit.

Watch for the Spirit to influence them and then point it out to them.

Take a tour of your local church as a family. Ask everyone to dress respectfully, then speak quietly as you wander the building asking family members what they could do to show respect for the sacred building that you have access to.

Talk about:

  • Remembering that it is God’s house (how would they act if they could see Him there?)
  • How to treat hymn books
  • Speaking quietly
  • Keeping the building clean and well cared for
  • Having especially reverent thoughts while they are there
Help children feel a sense of the sacred
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Share your own story with your family

Your own experiences are a powerful tool to help you teach your kids to value sacred things.

When have you felt that you walked on sacred ground?

Why did you feel that way?

What have you done that has helped you have a sacred experience?

Take time to talk to your family about these opportunities.

Did you write that experience down?

Maybe you could read your experience to them instead.

Blessings of reverence

It is my prayer that a sense of the sacred

will distill upon your soul as the dews from heaven.

May it draw you close to Jesus Christ, who died, who was resurrected,

who lives, who is your Redeemer. 

D. Todd Christofferson

As your family learned to value sacred experiences, the Lord will give you more and more.

Each sacred experience will build a stronger foundation, a more healthy and happy child.

What greater gift could you give than to learn how to help your kids value sacred things.

How to help kids value sacred things
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