How to get your kids excited about the Temple: Show them
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How to get kids excited about the Temple: Show them

Actions speak louder than words, right?

Here is another example of the power of this principle.

Show your kids why they have reason to be excited about the Temple.

Here’s how . . .

Show your kids how excited you are about the Temple

As parents and leaders, our love for the temple can be contagious.

Preparing youth for the temple. Seven simple steps”

Are you excited about the Temple and the beautiful blessings it has to offer?

Smile when you return from an endowment session!

Even glow.

My Dad was a great example of this and it has had a powerful, long lasting impact on my life.

My father worked for a large temperature control company that regularly got contracts from the church

for university campuses, Temples and large buildings.

My Dad was one of the only Temple recommend holders in the company

so whenever work was needed in a Temple, he got the job.

He had extraordinary opportunities to be in the most holy parts of Temples

when it was quiet and no one else was around.

Then he would come home and glow.

His deep love of the Temple was right there on his face.

He shared that love with me, and it rooted deeply into my little girl heart where it remains and continues to grow.

Your own warm, joyful Temple experiences enable you to show your kids why they should be excited too.

How to get your kids excited about the Temple: Show them
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You can show your kids that there is reason to be excited about the Temple

How has the Temple affected you for good?

Has it helped you be happy, hopeful, stronger or wiser?

Make sure everyone, including your kids knows how you feel.

Your words, testimony and love for the Lord and His work will have more power and impact than you can know.

The seeds you plant in little hearts and minds will take root and grow into strong testimonies

and enthusiasm for the work of the Lord that will branch out and bear fruit.

Let your kids see you keeping your covenants enthusiastically

Go to the Temple often.

Then tell your children why you go to the Temple, why you are trying to attend as often as you can.

Talk about your efforts to keep the sacred covenants you have made with Heavenly Father.

Show your family that covenant keeping = happiness by the smile on your face.

When it is your turn to pray, mention

your gratitude for Temples,

the Everlasting Covenant,

the power of Sealings,

your eternal goals for your family

and the joy you have in being worthy to hold a Temple recommend.

These are just a few ideas about how you can help your children

feel that joyful burning in their hearts as they think about how the Temple blesses them now

and how it can bless them when they can enter the doors themselves one day.

How do you show kids that you are excited about the Temple?

We would love to hear them your ideas.

Add them to the comments below.

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How to get kids excited for the Temple: Show them
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