How to get kids excited about the Temple
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4 simple ways to get kids excited about the Temple

If your kids get excited about the Temple then they will create their own momentum

that will carry them toward a hopeful and happy future.

Read on for 4 simple ways to spark their interest.

Engaging children’s interest in the Temple

Come ye, and let us ​​​go​ up to the ​​​mountain​ of the ​​Lord​​

Isaiah 2:3

The goal:

You want to help your children feel so excited about the Temple

that they do everything they can to prepare themselves for the time that they are able to go there.

AND you want to help them live their lives right now with the hope and joy

that comes from knowing that Heavenly Father has prepared the way for them

to return victoriously to Him through Temple ordinances.

The game-plan:

  • Teach them the principles behind Temple worship, Temple blessings and Temple service
  • Engage their interest, excitement and curiosity
  • Help them actively prepare for future Temple blessings
  • Show them how the Temple blesses them right now

Help kids see Temple blessings now

I love to see the Temple, I’m going there someday

I Love to See the Temple

What a beautiful, inspired hymn.

Thinking about a future filled with Temple covenants and worship is such a hopeful, happy thought.

While our children can look forward with anticipation to go to the Temple “someday”,

they can also enjoy the powerful blessing of the Temple right now.

We can and we should help them tap into those blessings sooner rather than later.

#1. Be an inspiring example of Temple joy

Are you wondering how you can show them how wonderful the Temple is?

Start with what you know.

Read on for inspired ideas.

#2. Share your excitement about the Temple with your kids by telling them

If the Temple is a big part of your life and your heart,

it should also be a big part of your thoughts and words.

Need a jump start to start sharing?

Here is a great place to start.

How to get kids excited about the Temple
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You can help your children get excited about the Temple

#3. Bring the Temple home

Take advantage of your home environment to turn your children’s hearts toward the Lord through the Temple.

Try these 3 spirit filled ways.

#4. 23 inspired activities

The Temple is such an important topic.

Is it tricky to keep your children’s attention about spiritual things?

Keep your children’s interest riveted on the Temple with these engaging activities.

Get kids excited about the Temple

“I’ll prepare myself while I am young”

I love to see the Temple

The blessings of the Temple can pour into your children’s hearts and give them power and protection right now as well as in the future.

There is a lot you can do to build an excitement in your children’s hearts about the Temple.

And the payoff will be eternal.

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4 simple ways to get kids excited about the Temple
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