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Is the Temple a Neglected Parenting Power Tool?



You are hunting for ways to prepare, strengthen and protect your children.

Is there something you’re missing?

Is the Temple a neglected parenting tool?


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One of the best tools in your own self protection plan is spending time in the Temple, right?

That’s where you run when things get tough.

That’s where you go for answers and to see clearly.


Is there a way your children can be protected and guided by the same source of strength, power and light?

Can they pick up this same shield even before they are old enough to go through the doors themselves?

Short answer . . . Yes, yes, and more yes.

We can give them Temple grade strength even now.


The Temple is a powerful parenting tool

Can you hear the “Fiddler on the Roof” music playing?

Tradition . . . tradition, tradition.

Not all traditions are helpful.

Take the Temple for example.

You never want to say anything that would show disrespect for the treasures you have been received in the Temple.

And you never want to break the covenants you have made.

That’s all perfectly true, logical, appropriate and very important.

But . . .

Does that mean you can’t share any Temple experiences with your children?


Throwing The Baby Out With The Bathwater

(or never sharing any Temple truth, anytime, anywhere.)


The parts of the Temple ordinances that you should not share are a very small portion of the enormous buffet of truth that is served to us every time we go to the Temple.

The tradition is that we should never, ever share anything, (ever, ever) from the feast we are offered in the Temple.


The interesting thing is that most of the things we see, learn about, hear and say in the Temple

can be found in the scriptures and in the words of modern-day prophets.

If it’s okay for Prophets and Apostles to talk about,

then you can be confident that it’s okay for you to share with your children.

Here is what President Ezra Taft Benson has to say about it:


“The temple is a sacred place, and the ordinances in the temple are of a sacred character.

Because of its sacredness we are sometimes reluctant to say anything about the temple to our children and grandchildren.

“As a consequence, many do not develop a real desire to go to the temple,

or when they go there,

they do so without much background to prepare them for the obligations and covenants they enter into.

“I believe a proper understanding or background will immeasurably help prepare our youth for the temple …

[and] will foster within them a desire to seek their priesthood blessings just as Abraham sought his.”



What parents should and should not share from the Temple


So, that breaks it wide open?

Now you can talk about anything and everything you learn in the Temple?


According to Elder David A. Bednar:

Guideline #1. Because we love the Lord, we always should speak about His holy house with reverence.

We should not disclose or describe the special symbols associated with the covenants we receive in sacred temple ceremonies.

Neither should we discuss the holy information that we specifically promise in the temple not to reveal.


Guideline #2. The temple is the house of the Lord.

Everything in the temple points us to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

We may discuss the basic purposes of and the doctrine and principles associated with temple ordinances and covenants.”

What you should not share is a relatively small part of the flood of truth that you have available when you attend the Temple.

The rest you can and should share as the Holy Ghost guides you. 

Need more reasons? Here are 5.


So again, what’s stopping you?

Use this neglected parenting power tool!


There is so much power, so much truth available for you to use as you raise your children.

As you take time to think about what parts of Temple truth you can use to teach and strengthen your family, you will be inspired by the Holy Ghost.

The time you take sorting through the many tools offered to you in the Temple will have an added benefit.

The blessings of the Temple will go deeper into your own heart.

That will surely make you a better parent.

Not to mention, a happier person.

Is the Temple a neglected parenting power tool in your family?

You can change that.


Here are a few Temple grade tools to get you going


Try talking to your child about:

  • The difference between “secret” and “ sacred ”
  • Heavenly Father is much stronger than Satan
  • The courage of Eve
  • Being a witness
  • Here are 10 more ideas.
  • Below, I have added a free gift for your family. It is a “Temple Truths Question Kit” with 60 questions that you can draw from at dinner time or bedtime. I hope this blesses your family!

I would love to hear your experiences sharing Temple truths with your family. Please share in the comments section.

Do you share Temple truths with your children often?

How do you feel about sharing these sacred truths with them?






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Temple is a Latter-day Saint parenting tool
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2 thoughts on “Is the Temple a Neglected Parenting Power Tool?”

  1. I love your thoughts and how beautifully you express them. I think Heavenly Father is very pleased when we share these truths with our children appropriately.

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