Help kids show love for dad: The big list of ideas
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Help kids show Dad love: The big list of 40+ inspired ideas

Are you looking for a way for your children to express their love to their Dad?

Here are more than 40 great activities to help.

Good dads are a true treasure and helping your kids see the gold in their father’s hearts is priceless.

Read on!

How can kids show their Dad’s how much they love him?

He shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children

and the heart of the children to their fathers.

Malachi 4:6


Questionnaires – This is a great (and often funny) way for kids to get to know their dads better. There are a bunch out there but here is one I like.

Plan a surprise family activity night doing something that Dad loves

Scavenger hunt – Have kids write a few things they love about their dad and create a scavenger hunt with them

Plan to do do secret good deeds for him the week before Father’s Day

Start the tradition of each family member telling him what you love about him at the dinner table on Father’s Day

Ask your children what their favorite memory is of their dad record the answer for later viewing.

Teach your child a Father’s Day song to sing to dad. (See the examples below in the music section)

Watch family memory videos together with treats

Have a celebratory Father’s Day dance party

Help your child collect loving messages from other people about Dad

Put on a Father’s Day show (with costumes)

Serve him breakfast in bed, but not all by his lonesome, with the whole family there too.

Arrange for a time when he can have a nap

Make a sacrifice to do something nice for Dad. (Download the story here “Chocolate Cake” )

Crafty ideas

Decorate a jar to fill with fun activities to do with Dad

Help your child decorate a frame for a picture of them together. Decorate with buttons, stamps, colorful bits from catalogs, nuts and bolts, handprints, rocks etc.

Make a “jar of love” full of reasons you love him

Help your child make a scrapbook of happy memories with Dad

Wrap Dad’s gift in your child’s artwork

3D family tree – cute and easy for the crafty child

Make a ladder card (easy and fun)

Thank you notes – Here are a few examples

Help kids show love for dad: The big list of ideas
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You can help your kids show love for their dad

Stories and poems (These are from the “Friend” magazine)

Grateful for parents” (June 2019 Friend) President Nelson share a story

 Download the story here “Why are fathers so important?” (June 2017 Liahona and Friend)
Elder D. Todd Christofferson testifies of the importance of fathers. Includes a story about Elder Christofferson and his father.

 Download the story here “Chocolate Cake” here (January 2012 Friend)
Elizabeth uses her money to make her father a cake instead of buying things for herself.

 Download the story here “Steven’s First Future Father’s Day” here (June 2015 Liahona and Friend)
Steven struggles with Father’s Day until he learns he can use the day to prepare to be a father himself.

Stories that can help children with fathers who are struggling

Grateful for parents” (June 2019 Friend) President Nelson share a story

  “I Love Him, He’s My Dad” (September 2004 Friend)
A boy loves his father even though his father has a drinking problem.

 “The Most Important Daddy” (June 1974 Friend)
Shellie learns that every father is important.

 Download the story here “Glad You’re My Dad” (February 2013 Friend)
Mark learns that even though his dad doesn’t go to church, he is still a good dad.

 Download the story here For Parents of Little Ones: “Sad Feelings on Mother’s and Father’s Day” (June 2019 Friend)
Some ideas for what to do for children who may not have a mom or dad at home.

Music to help kids show Dads love

“Daddy’s Homecoming” (Children’s Songbook, 210)

“Fathers” (Children’s Songbook, 209)

“Love is Spoken Here” (Children’s Songbook, 190)

“My Dad” (Children’s Songbook, 211)

“The Dearest Names” (Children’s Songbook, 208)

“A Happy Family” (Children’s Songbook, 198)


Daddy’s Sunshine – Marissa Widdison, “Daddy’s Sunshine,” Friend, Mar. 2009, 34–35 (Based on a true story) For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also (Matthew 6:21)

Fathers and Sons – A young man in Nevada applied the counsel given by Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and changed his relationship with his father forever.

All the Reasons We Love Dad – Dear Dad: Here are just a few of the countless reasons we’re so glad you’re ours. Thanks for being our teacher, our support, and our friend. Happy Father’s Day.

For more ideas see:

Resources for teaching children

A long list of wonderful ideas from the Friend magazine

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Help kids show Dad Love: The Big List of inspired ideas
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