How to get your kids excited about the Temple: 23 inspired activities
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How to get kids excited about the Temple: 23 inspired activities

As you work to help your kids get excited about the Temple

never discount how much kids love action-based learning.

Doing, making, hands on activities can really help children internalize

the principles that you are trying to teach them.

Here are 23 inspired ideas to help you.

Help your kids get excited about the Temple with activities

Start with goals.

As you spend time with your children listening to their dreams and goals,

encourage them to include the Temple in their visions and aspirations.

To help them set the over-arching goal of going to the Temple some day:

  1. Look at a calendar together and figure out an approximate date

of when they could go to the Temple for the first time.

2. If big goals seem too daunting, help them set mini goals

that will lead them along the path that will arrive at the Temple.

Kids can contribute to the work of the Temple right now

3. Whether it’s through family history work;

4. Contributing to the Temple fund

5. Or leading a Temple worthy life

your children can have a big impact at any age and at any stage of development.

How to get your kids excited about the Temple: 23 inspired activities
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You can help your children get excited about the Temple through fun activities.

The Spirit of Elijah leads to excitement about the Temple

As your family works to search for your ancestors and prepare to bring them to the Temple

astounding blessings will begin to flow.

The “Spirit of Elijah” can bring warmth, peace and strength to your child’s heart.

That same beautiful glow can fill your home.

Family history is much more than looking at documents on the computer.

You can help your children love the family members they are serving by getting to know them.

6. Pictures, stories, games your ancestors may have played and foods they loved to eat

can all bring them back to life in your children’s hearts.

Then, when they bring those ancestors to the Temple

they can feel a connection that will sweeten the experience immeasurably.

More activities to instill Temple excitement

7. “Temples Bless Families” (July 2004 Liahona and Friend)
Make a mobile that illustrates how families are sealed together in the temple.

8. “Build a Temple” (December 2019 Friend)
A paper temple you can construct plus other ideas for building your own model temple.

9. “Graham-Cracker Temples” (August 2019 Friend)
Use graham crackers and icing to make model temples.

10. “I Love to See the Temple” (September 2019 Friend)
A booklet to color and cut out with the words of the song “I Love to See the Temple.”

11. “Temple Cards” (September 2007 Liahona and Friend)
Cut out these pictures of beautiful temples.

12. Mormonad Poster: “Look Ahead” (April 2010 Liahona and New Era)



15. Help you kids find and prepare their own family names to bring to the Temple

16. Take time to help them get to know their ancestors through stories from their ancestors lives

17. Investigate the free RootsTech classes together

18. Introduce your children to indexing

19. Attend the Temple and Priesthood Preparation meeting

20. Show your family how to use “Ordinance Ready” on the Temple tab of Family Search

21. The FamilySearch’s activities page is full of amazing family history based activites.

Help kids download helpful apps like:

22. Memories by FamilySearch which helps families preserve pictures and more

23. Find a grave which not only has many pictures of gravestones but other information

This is all just to get you started

Listen to the Spirit

and keep you mind and heart open to other activity based ideas

that can instill a sense of excitement that can propel your children to the Temple

and firmly fix the Temple in their hearts.

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How to get kids excited for the Temple: 23 inspired activities
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