Get kids excited about the Temple: Talk about it
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How to get kids excited about the Temple: Talk about how you feel

The easiest, most natural way to get kids excited about the Temple may be the most overlooked.

Just start talking!

Read on for ideas and motivation to help you get started.

“Temple preparation is most effective in our homes”

David A. Bednar

Develop a habit of talking about the Temple with your kids

If you want your children to be excited about the Temple, talk about the Temple.

After all, if the Temple is a big part of your life and your heart

it should also be a big part of your words.

Do you talk to your family about what you do on a daily basis?

Do you tell them about the exciting things that happened or the challenges you face?

Isn’t the Temple one of those exciting things that help you with your challenges?

Then talk about it!

Share the results of your Temple worship openly and often.

Create conversation opportunities

Wouldn’t it be marvelous if a young girl or boy’s very first experience in the temple

were a family experience, like Samuel and Jesus? 

7 Tips for Preparing Primary Children for Their First Temple Experience

Look for ways to fit the Temple into your family conversations.

The more you talk about the Temple, the more your children will think about the Temple.

Years ago, when I was a young woman growing up in the church

I had a leader who helped me have a Temple focus for the rest of my life with one simple suggestion.

She said, whenever there is a lull in a conversation for the rest of your life, think about the Temple.

I’m sure she didn’t think twice about that challenge when she issued it, but it had a profound impact on my life.

Now, whenever I am in that awkward situation of finishing a conversational topic

with nowhere to go for another,

that challenge blinks into my mind and I have to smile.

I am so grateful for that habit that still helps me create opportunities to refocus on the Temple so automatically.

Find ways to develop habits like that

to refocus conversations in your family toward the Temple, the Savior and other eternally significant topics.

Those habits can train your children’s minds along happy, safe, strong paths.

Get kids excited about the Temple: Talk about it
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To get your kids excited about the Temple talk to them about it.

What stories about the your covenant experiences can you tell?

Parents have the vital responsibility to help their children prepare to receive the blessings of eternal life.

General Handbook

Here are a few ideas to help you open your mouth and share your excitement about the Temple with your children.

Talk about:

  • Your marriage, sealing or endowment experience
  • A time you found peace by taking a big problem or heartache to the Temple to get help from the Lord
  • A memorable experience with the Spirit at the Temple
  • How you felt as you assisted an ancestor as their proxy
  • Seeing and feeling someone else’s joy as they receive Temple blessings

What other ideas is the Spirit whispering to you right now?

Share your excitement through words

You can have a powerful impact on your children as you share your love of the Temple.

You can create an excitement in your children’s hearts about the Temple

as you develop a habit of freely sharing your feelings in normal everyday conversation.

Then, your children will be more prepared for life, for challenges and for loving the Lord.

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How to get kids excited about the Temple: Talk to them
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