Light the World Calendar for children
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“Light the World” calendar for kids

The Savior serves others with all of His heart.

This season is a great time to develop that warm Christlike attribute.

Looking for ways to help your family warm up to service?

This Light the world calendar for kids can help your family serve like the Savior.

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Your family can be a light to the world at any age

Did you children feel left out last year?

Light the world with your kids this season!

“At this Christmas season … let us give the gift of love,

the gift of service to those around us,

and the true gift of forgiveness.

For as we repent, the Holy One of Israel forgives us.

I testify that He lives.

He is the King of kings, the Prince of Peace, our Savior, our Redeemer, and our Friend.”

Cristina B. Franco
Second Counselor in the Primary General Presidency

I’d like to help your family find joy in serving like the Savior this Christmas.

This free calendar has 25 easy “Light the World” ideas for kids.

I worked hard to make them easy.

They can do them with little or no help from an adult and they can all be done from your home.

Turning outward instead of inward at Christmas time will help them learn what a joy it is to be like the Savior.

Kids love to serve.

They will love to have the chance to serve like you have served at Christmastime.

Offer them the chance to have that joy.

Give your kids this free Light the World” calendar for kids and watch their hearts light up this season.

Light the world calendar for kids
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Looking for more ways to help your family?

We would love to hear your experiences.

Let us know how the calendar affected your family in the comments section.

Have a wonderful, joyful holiday season this year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to your family.

Light the World calendar for kids
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2 thoughts on ““Light the World” calendar for kids”

  1. I subscribed to your site, but the download for the Light the World Calendar would not open. I tried 3 times. I would really like this for my Activities girls. Can you please send it to me in a format that works? Thanks. BTW the word “note” is spelled “not” on the day that tells them to write a thank you note. Is there anyway to fix that?

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