Pioneer Day ideas for kids
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Pioneer Day: 100+ enchanting ideas for kids

You want to turn the hearts of your children to their fathers?

Here are more than 100 fun, fascinating and memorable ways.

Try these great Pioneer Day kid’s ideas

I have searched far and wide to bring you more than 100 ideas

to help your kids understand how wonderful a relationship with the past

and with their ancestors can be.

I hope these ideas will bring your family joy.

Family history

Family Search – You and your family can discover stories and photos in your family tree. Then together add some memories of your own. What a great way to help your children discover and share their legacy.

Where am I from? This fascinating interactive map uses the information in Family Search to show you where you family has come from through the centuries.

The Pioneer Trail experience – If you have ancestors who took part in the trek west you can learn more about their experience here.

Hands on activities

Have fun when you print, cut, fold and glue this handcart and pioneer family with your kids.

These cutouts help to show the different ways that people gather to Zion through the ages.

Find insightful questions about the pioneers (with scriptures to answer those questions).

Juice box handcart – Cute handcart craft to help your kids envision what a handcart looked like.

Weave a pioneer picture – Complete the pioneer picture by weaving strips together.

I can draw pioneer pictures – Step by step instructions to draw a wagon, the Salt Lake Temple and a seagull.

Churn butter – You can make your own butter? Yes, it’s easy.

Sack races – All you need is a back yard, a pillow case and lots of laughter.

Go on a “hard things” hike to help your kids understand the challenges the pioneers endured.

No Sew Rag dolls – Using everything you have was a survival tool for the pioneers. Being frugal is a great skill to teach children.


Heading West board game – Help the Saints in Nauvoo prepare for the trek west.

Pioneer wagons – Put the correct names on different parts of a wagon.

A pioneer message – crack the code by finding similarities in each of the pioneers.

Family history mystery – 10 mysteries to solve together in your family about your ancestors.

Pioneer games – Descriptions of several typical games played in pioneer days.

Pioneer Day Treasure hunt – Leave clues about the typical pioneer child’s day.

11 more pioneer games – Tug o’ war, jacks, jump rope, red rover, hopscotch, stick pull, wheelbarrow races, kick the can, potato sack races, 3 legged race, checkers.

Button bracelet – great way to teach the principle of “make it do or do without”

Button whirligig – Fun and easy game they can make themselves.

Lincoln logs make great cabins ( I do not receive a commission for this referral, I just think your kids would have fun with this activity)

Corn husk dolls


Acting like pioneers – primary children learned about the pioneers when they performed in a play for their ward.

A different kind of pioneer – Gabby thinks she doesn’t have any ancestors who were pioneers until she learns more about her great-grandmother, who was a pioneer in other ways.

The early pioneers lived long ago. What can I learn from them? Thoughts from Elder L. Tom Perry.

Handcart girl – True story of a young girl who was in the Willie handcart company.

Heroes in the Snow – 6 year old Peter McBride’s experience as a member of the Martin handcart company.

More: Choose from 35+ wonderful pioneer stories for children

Matt & Mandy – While hiking Matt learns about the pioneers and how he has his own mountains to climb.

Pioneer night – A family has a special family night to enjoy learning about their ancestors.

Pioneers and Temples – help your kids explore the connection between pioneers and temples with this map.

{Pioneer Day:} 100+ enchanting ideas for kids
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Turn the hearts of your children to their fathers with these enchanting Pioneer Day ideas


I am a Pioneer – This inspirational video shows how you can be a trailblazer in your family and community today.

The River, the Hollow, and the Cove Beautiful pictures of places significant to handcart pioneers.

Interactive map: Martin’s Cove

Faith of Our Fathers – Inspiring excerpts from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Pioneers – Dallin H. Oaks pays tribute to modern-day pioneers

Reviewing the Lessons of the Past – Elder L. Tom Perry excerpts

Special Witness of Jesus Christ – Elder Anderson speaks about the trials that the early Saints went through.

Pioneers: Special Collection – 14 videos honoring the pioneer spirit

Legacy – A full length film showing the challenges that the pioneers went through.

17 Miracles – Currently available on Amazon Prime ( I do not receive a commission from Amazon)

Little House on the Prairie – Can also be found on Amazon Prime

Pioneer Children song mix

Faith in Every Footstep by the Tabernacle Choir

Pioneer Day music

Covered Wagons – Children’s Songbook, 221

Little Pioneer Children – Children’s Songbook, 216

Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked – Children’s Songbook, 214

Pioneer Children Were Quick to Obey – Children’s Songbook, 215

The Handcart Song – Children’s Songbook, 220

The Oxcart – Children’s Songbook, 219

To Be a Pioneer – Children’s Songbook, 218

Westward Ho! Children’s Songbook, 217

Whenever I Think About Pioneers – Children’s Songbook, 222

Quotes about Pioneers

25 pioneer about Latter-day Saint pioneers

Pioneer Day recipes that kids will love

Ice Cream in a can

Apple Candy

Velvet chicken soup

Norwegian fruit soup

Currant Whirligig

Pastry (101 year old recipe)

Buttermilk doughnuts

Old-fashioned muffins

Horseshoe cookies

Washboard cookies

Pioneer hardtack

Pioneer pudding

Marshmallow covered wagons

Pioneer Taffy

Homemade whole wheat bread

Homemade butter

Happy Pioneer Day and every day!

These activities can be used year round.

Not just on the 24th of July.

I would love to hear from you if you have other great Pioneer Day kids ideas.

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{Pioneer Day:} 100+ enchanting ideas for kids
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