Teach children to divide light from darkness
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The power of dividing light from darkness: Temple Truths for Children

Are you concerned about the darkness

that seems to seep into every unprotected crack in your family’s defenses?

Never fear — light beats darkness every time.

Read on for more.

It was a dark and stormy night . . .

Maybe it was the big hairy spider I found in my dresser drawer

as I pulled out my pajamas that night

before I climbed into under the chilly sheets of my bed.

Actually, It was more of a leap than a climb

as I tried to avoid getting close to the unknown dark space under my bed.

If there was a gargantuan spider in my drawer,

who knew what could be lurking under my bed?

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You can teach your children how to divide light from darkness

You may guess that I had a hard time going to sleep that night

(which was embarrassing since I was almost a teenager

and felt that I should be over this kind of thing.)

But the darkness and the creepy crawlies

combined to overcome my “maturity”.

Finally, I switched on the light and said a prayer

(kneeling on my bed, NOT on the floor.)

The promised calm didn’t come immediately

but my eyes were drawn to the set of scriptures at my bedside.

I opened them, read for a little while and began to feel a warm light envelop me.

Eventually I was able to slip into sleep.

Teach children to divide light from darkness
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Dividing light from darkness can protect and bring peace to your children

(I may or may not have hugged my scriptures like a teddy bear

the rest of the night.)

You can offer that same warmth and protection that I tapped into that night to your children

as you teach them how to use light to battle darkness.

Why is teaching your children the power of dividing light from darkness important?

I have commanded you to bring up your children in light and truth.

Doctrine and Covenants 93:40

Are your children afraid of the dark?

Maybe there is a reason for that.

We all have the instinctive wariness of darkness that can conceal danger.

That inborn instinct can help us be safe.

But as your child learns more about the power of light

he or she can stop reacting to fear

and instead learn to effectively battle darkness with the light of Christ.

The Savior’s atoning power can chase

the damaging darkness away from every corner of your child’s life.

Consider Heavenly Father’s 1st creative act: Dividing light from darkness

God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

And God saw the light, that it was good:

and God divided the light from the darkness.

Genesis 1:3-4

One of the first thing that God did during the creation

was to divide light from darkness.

That can give us a clue

as to the importance of doing the same thing in our lives.

As you teach your children skills

that will give them the power to divide light from darkness,

they can choose to fill their lives with light-filled things

and push the darkness away.

Teach your children how to divide light from darkness and

you will give them tools that will change them and protect them.

Click here for 6 practical ways to teach your children

the powerful tool of dividing light from darkness.

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How to teach your children the power of dividing light from darkness
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