How the Temple can make you a better parent: Healing, peace, strength
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How the Temple can make you a better parent: Healing, comfort, strength

The blessings of the Temple reach into the eternities.

But, don’t forget the blessings that can come right now.

Read on for how the Temple can bring you healing, peace and strength as a parent.

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Thy people;

endow them richly with the spirit of faith and righteousness

and with increasing love for Thee and for Thy law.

Heal up their wounds, comfort their hearts, strengthen their feet.

Salt Lake Temple Dedicatory Prayer

Heal your wounds to reach your parenting potential

Family history and temple work is not only for the dead but blesses the living as well . . .

Family history and temple work provided the power to heal that which needed healing.

Dale G. Renlund

Your experiences in the Temple can be the balm that heals wounds that can’t be healed anywhere else.

Imagine what kind of parent you could be

if the burdens that are weighing you down right now could be removed.

Take them to the Temple.

Comfort your troubled parent heart in the Temple

Sometimes you may feel that you cannot think clearly

because your mind is so burdened with problems

and the many things clamoring for attention . . .

When you are troubled or when crucial decisions weigh heavily on your mind,

you may take your cares to the temple.

There you can receive spiritual guidance.

True to the Faith

As you walk into the Temple, it’s often like walking into a different world of peace, relief and tender love.

What better place to go than the Temple when being a parent seems like a struggle or even impossible.

Next time you feel insignificant or that you are failiing as a parent, think of the Temple.

Go to the Temple and regain the peace, calm, serene Spirit.

Go to the Temple and take a slow, deep breath.

How the Temple can make you a better parent: Healing, peace, strength
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The Temple can make you a better parent with healing, comfort, strength

Find strength beyond your own capabilities

Strengthen us . . .

by the remembrance of the sacred covenants that Thou hast made with us,

so that we may not falter,

may not doubt,

but in the strength of Thy Holy name may accomplish

all Thy righteous purposes with regard to us.

Salt Lake Temple Dedicatory Prayer

Our strength is microscopic in comparison to the Lord.

But in the Temple, you can combine your small strengths

with the Lord’s majestic, unlimited, mind expanding might.

What parenting problem is too big for Him?

The healing, comfort & strength of the Temple will help you be a better parent

The Temple is an invaluable resource to you to help you deal with the bumps, bruises

and insurmountable obstacles of parenting.

Not just because it will bless you in the future.

It can bless you right now with comfort, strength and healing as a parent.

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The Temple can help you be a better parent: healing, peace, strength
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