Use the Temple as a parenting template: 5 ways
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The Temple is a parenting template??? Here are 5 powerful ways

Yes! The Temple is the very best parenting template you can find.

Read on to find 5 ways that you can model Heavenly Father’s powerful teaching prowess.

5 effective ways you can use the Temple as a parenting template

1- Handling rebelliousness vs sincere questions

“Declare whatsoever thing ye declare … in the spirit of meekness.”

Doctrine & Covenants 100:7

Think through the endowment ordinance.

There are at least two instances where the Heavenly Father

or His representatives needed to handle tense situations.

How can you model those noteworthy examples

as you are thrust into similar situations as a parent?

And how can you tell the difference between rebelliousness and sincere questions?

Here are a few things to think about.

Did the Heavenly Father respond with a knee jerk reflection of anger?

Did He draw the experience out or did He end the encounter when things got out of control?

Pay attention to whether Heavenly Father responded quickly

or did he wait until He had all of the information necessary to act wisely?

2- Teaching with the 5 senses

Look for ways you can add variety to your efforts to teach the gospel.

Doing so will add richness and beauty to the experience of learners,

and it will also help you reach learners with varying needs.

Teaching in the Savior’s Way

The Temple is full of action.

Our eyes, ears hands and minds are constantly utilized

as we are taught and gently led to greater understanding.

How can you use the 5 senses better as a parent like the Lord does in the Temple?

How does your child learn best?

Use the Temple as a parenting template: 5 ways
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You can use the Temple as a powerful parenting template

3- In the Temple, environment is everything

Though the Spirit can teach us no matter where we are,

our surroundings can profoundly affect our ability to learn and feel truth.

Teaching in the Savior’s Way

Sparkling clean and as peaceful as a river,

the Temple’s environment embodies the beauty of the creation itself.

You may not be able to rise to that standard yet.

But as a parent you can find ways to make your home a little more like the Temple.

You can make it a place where the Spirit can accompany your family.

4- Have a plan

“Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing”

D&C 88:119

In the Temple we learn how God is the master organizer.

We may have a long way to go before we are at His level

but the more we can think ahead

and be intentional about how our families are spending their time and effort,

the more we can be like Him.

Isn’t that the goal?

5- The Lord uses life lessons in the Temple, so can you.

Informal teaching moments pass quickly,

so it is important to take advantage of them when they arise.

Teaching in the Savior’s Way

Heavenly Father is so very good at using life to teach us.

That is the whole reason we are here on earth right now.

That is why your children are here.

Keep your eyes open, watch for moments in your child’s life

when you can use their everyday experiences as a teaching moments.

You can use the Temple as a powerful parenting template

I have only listed 5 ways that you can use the Temple as a parenting template.

There are many more.

Keep your eyes and your heart open

and the Lord will teach you in his “university” how and why He chooses to be called Father.

Learning to be a parent in His way will bring you joy,

parenting success

and a desire to become more and more like Him.

I truly hope you and your family will receive all the help you hope for at the Temple.

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Use the Temple as a parenting template: 5 ways
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