How the Temple can shield your child
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How the Temple can shield your children now and protect them forever

How could the view from two windows help a young girl build a powerful shield?

Learn how you can offer the same Temple grade shield to your children.

The Temple can shield your children now and protect them forever

One Sunday, we walked in from the blazing heat of Las Vegas into the cool and welcoming church.

As we sat comfortably,

brave souls made the long walk up to the podium and opened their warm hearts to us in testimony.

The testimonies blend together in my memory.

Except for one.

The young girl’s mix of courage and timidity caught my attention

as she painted a descriptive picture for us of her bedroom.

Her room seemed pretty typical except for one thing.

She had two windows

One opened upward to a glorious, glowing view of the Temple

while the other looked down on the Las Vegas “Strip” in all its great and spacious glory.

Seeing the contrast each night as she went to bed helped her compare and contrast

the two choices that the two windows represented.

Each night she unconsciously chose the Temple

The accumulation of nights in her young life led to the forging and tempering of a solid shield.

That protection helped her make solid choices while she was young

and led to eternal protections later when she was able to walk through the Temple doors herself.

How the Temple can shield your child
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The Temple can shield and protect your child

Use the Temple as a shield Template

What better pattern could you use than beautiful Temple truths?

The Temple is an amazing parenting resource.

You can access the Spirit more quickly in the House of the Lord than anywhere else.

Use the Temple as an inspired parenting resource

The Lord knows your children so much better than you do.

He will tell you how to raise them with the shield that great parenting can offer them.

In the Temple, your thoughts are directed to such topics as obedience, progression,

faith during difficulty and purity.

The Lord will help you know what Temple grade principles will shield your children

He will teach you shielding principles and you can then teach your children.

(Look here for ideas for Temple grade topics to teach your children. )

Learn how to be a great parent from the greatest Parent of all.

Use the Temple as the best parenting course possible.

You have the ability to give your children a Temple grade shield right now,

not just in the future.

The Temple can be a protection to your family forever

“In the Church we can teach about the materials from which a shield of faith is made:

reverence, courage, chastity, repentance, forgiveness, compassion.

In church we can learn how to assemble and fit them together.

But the actual making of and fitting on of the shield of faith belongs in the family circle.

Otherwise it may loosen and come off in a crisis.”

Boyd K. Packer

The wealth of future blessings that come with Temple covenants and ordinances are so powerful

that many people stop there.

But there is more.

Temple service can be a protection to your children

They can be “saviors on Mount Zion.”

What a powerful way to connect them with the joy of serving the Lord

than to spend a little time right now, when they are young

helping them feel the joy you feel each time you serve in the Temple.

Just talk to them.

Tell them how you feel about Temple service.

The Temple can offer healing to your family

Remember that time that you walked into the Celestial room

and everything seemed like it would be okay after all?

That is a gift you can recommend to your children.

As the world gets progressively more difficult,

your children may not always be able to run home to you.

But there are temples all over the world right now.

They can run to Heavenly Father’s home.

He can be their ever-present refuge.

The Temple can shield your children now and protect them forever.

Just like my friend with the two contrasting windows,

your children are being offered a choice between the sparkle and glitter of the world

and the glow and warmth of the Temple.

Help your children understand what a glorious gift is being offered to them right now

with more blessings to come in the future.

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How the Temple can shield your children now and protect them forever
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