Teaching children what to share
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When to share sacred things: Teaching children

Learning when to share and when not to share can make a big difference for your child.

Here are some great ideas to help you sort it out for them.

When to share. When not to share.

 A careful reading of the scriptures reveals that the Lord did not tell all things to all people. 

There were some qualifications set that were prerequisite to receiving sacred information.

Elder Boyd K. Packer

Figuring out when to speak and when not to speak is a valuable skill.

Some people may not be ready to hear.

Some situations may not be perfect for sharing sacred things.

Luckily, the Holy Ghost can help your children with that.

He can help them know when they may be “casting pearls before swine”

or when it is not only fine to speak of sacred things but important to do so.

That uncomfortable, confused feeling is a no.

That happy warm feeling is a yes, go ahead a share.

The Temple . . . for example

Because the Temple is so sacred, many people just don’t talk about it at all.

Is that the best way?

It does protect the sacredness of what we experience in the Temple, which is very important.

But, there are many things about the Temple that we can and should share. 

Sharing your experiences will help children recognize and value that sacred feeling. 

Here are some great guidelines to help you share with confidence.

Elder Bednar’s guidelines

Guideline #1. Because we love the Lord, we always should speak about His holy house with reverence. We should not disclose or describe the special symbols associated with the covenants we receive in sacred temple ceremonies. Neither should we discuss the holy information that we specifically promise in the temple not to reveal.

Guideline #2. The temple is the house of the Lord. Everything in the temple points us to our Savior, Jesus Christ. We may discuss the basic purposes of, and the doctrine and principles associated with temple ordinances and covenants.

Elder David A. Bednar

Another important thing to consider is whether the sacred information is freely spoken of in the scriptures

or by the prophets.

If they talk about beautiful sacred things freely, then follow their example.

If it is not spoken of outside of the Temple ever, then keep it in your own heart.

Help your family learn the difference between sacred and secret

It is important that your children understand the difference between secret and sacred

Secrets can be used against them if people harm your children and then tell them to keep a secret.

Enlightening sacred things are as far away from dark secrets as you can get.

Take time to talk to your children about these two words, sacred and secret,

that sound so similar but are so very different. 

Teaching children what to share
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Help kids learn the skill of keeping appropriate confidences

[Mary] kept all these sayings in her heart.

Luke 2:51

Learning the skill of keeping appropriate confidences

can not only help them access blessings as they build trust with the Lord, 

these skills can also build trust with people around them throughout their lives. 

When people know that your children can be trusted they will be valued. 

Teaching children when to share sacred things will be great gift from you to them.

How to teach your children when to share sacred things
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