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10 Temple Topics That Can Protect Your Child


You’ve been concerned about whether you should  share Temple truths with your children.

The question isn’t if … the question is what first?

Here are a few ideas to start your own brainstorming session.




10 of many Temple topics that can protect your family



The Character of God


It is perhaps the most important thing you have learned from the restoration.

You are learning to know God.

You begin to see His heart and a glimpse of His mind.

Your children need to know Him as much as you do,

but how will you appropriately share this treasure with them?




Our Eternal Potential


What if your children could look into the future?

If they could see what they may become … (glorious, amazing and so, so happy,)

If they could see what Heavenly Father has planned for them … (kingdoms, eternal joy, extraordinary relationships,)

In the Temple you have been reminded of who you are.

What will you share with your children about who they really are? 

How will glimpsing their future change the way they see themselves?

Read more here.




Serving as a Witness


Your daughters and your sons now have the amazing opportunity to “stand as witnesses” in the Temple.

These changes give you an opportunity to emphasize how enabling and ennobling it is to “stand as a witness of God”

by being courageous, standing their ground, and bearing testimony.

Can you prepare them to take their place next to their courageous heroes

the women and men who have acted as witnesses throughout history? 

Learn how to use these policy changes to help your children “Stand as Witness.”




Respecting Church Leaders


It isn’t always the fashion to respect and follow the counsel of church leaders.

It is one of the keys to your children’s future safety, spiritual strength and progression.

What are some effective ways to teach your children to value the inspiration of church leaders?

The Temple has answers.




Order and Exactness


Yes, it’s annoying to tell your children to clean their room again.

Just how important is order and exactness?

Not only is it mentioned in the endowment ceremony, but it saved the lives of the stripling warriors in the Book of Mormon.

What can it do for your children?

Try these ideas to teach your children order without giving orders.



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Shields and Protections


Your children are not old enough to wear the Temple garment yet.

But can they benefit right now from being fitted with other Temple grade shields and protections?

Learn how the Temple can shield your child now and protect them forever in this inspiring blog post.




The Questions in the Temple Recommend Interview


Can a Temple recommend interview be a joy?

 No matter their age, it won’t be long before your children will be sitting in front of the Bishop, answering those all

important questions.

Do they know what the questions are?

Are they preparing now to answer confidently and truthfully?

Use these 10 simple tips to help kids joyfully sail through their first Temple recommend interview.




Dividing Light from Darkness


Are you concerned about the darkness

that seems to seem into every unprotected crack in your family’s defenses?

Never fear — light beats darkness every time.

Read on for more


Being a “(s)avior on Mount Zion”


Do your children know that they can earn the right to be called a “savior?” (little “s”)

Helping someone else receive a saving ordinance will make a “savior” of your child

and can put her or him on the path

to being saved themselves.   

Read more here




The Covenant Path


President Nelson urged us all to “keep on the covenant path in his very first address as President of the church

(from the Salt Lake Temple.)

What is the covenant path?

Do your children know that the “covenant path” leads directly to and through the Temple?


Temple topics can protect your children


These ten topics are just the beginning.

You can find so many more.

The Spirit can guide you to what your family needs to think about.

Is it time to get started?

Below is my free gift to you and your family.

I hope it is a blessing.




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What other Temple topics have you thought of?

Share them with us down below.


Here’s a topic to consider – Do your children think the Temple is sacred … or secret? 

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