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The Most Important Thing You Can Teach Your Child



You want your child to become more like Heavenly Father. 

First step – Know who He is.

Could there be anything more important to teach your child?


“It is the first principle of the gospel to know for a certainty the character of God

Joseph Smith

The Most Important Thing You Can Teach Your Child 


The good news is that the Temple holds more information

and more inspiration about the personality and attributes  of God than anywhere else.  

In the Temple, the growing light of the restoration shines brightly on His wonderful qualities.

How can you appropriately use the things you have learned to bless your children?


“This is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus

Christ, whom thou hast sent”

John 17:3


How can seeing Heavenly Father’s character help your children become more like Him?

Your children admired and wanted to emulate Heavenly Father in the premortal life.

The more your children understand His character now,

the more they will love Him and once again want to emulate him.

Ready to get started?


7 Attributes of Heavenly Father’s Character that Can Strengthen Your Children

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#1.  Love

The amount of effort that Heavenly Father has exerted in our behalf is heartwarming.

What child wouldn’t feel loved, valued, lifted by a knowledge of this level of devotion?

But how can you give them this gift?

Let’s talk about it.


#2. Order

You struggle to raise your children with patience and love.

How can you possibly teach your children the joy of order while still nurturing a good relationship?

Creating order is driving you crazy!

Need some hope?

Read on for more.


#3. Fairness

In the Temple you see that Heavenly Father allowed Adam, Eve and Lucifer to tell their sides of the story.

Your children live in a world where fairness to those we disagree with is in short supply.

Can the Temple help you teach your children how to balance fairness with firmness?

Click here


#4. Forgiveness

Your child will be hurt at some point.

I know, it’s hard to even think about.

 But you can prepare them for those upsetting moments.

 Would you like to know how treasured Temple truths can protect them?

Try these ideas.  


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         Awareness will help children form relationships

#5. Involvement

Your children are wrapped up in mind numbing technology.

They are sometimes unaware of precious life experiences happening around them.

Relationships take a hit, including their relationship with the Holy Spirit.

How can a desire to emulate Heavenly Father’s extraordinary awareness and involvement help them lift their eyes?

Read more here.


#6. Firmness

“Standing for Something” is getting more and more difficult.

In the Temple we see Heavenly Father’s inspiring resolve when He is confronted.

Can you show your children His way of handling contentious situations?

Here are some ideas.


#7. Service minded

Serving other people brings you joy.

You are looking for ways to plant a desire to serve deep in your  children’s impressionable hearts.

We are Heavenly Father’s work and His glory.

How can His glowing example of compassion inspire your children to love service the way you do?

Here are some great ideas to help you teach this wonderful attribute.

(Hint: I have also included a gift for you in the service post.)


The character of God is the most important thing you can teach your child.

It covers everything that they came to earth to learn.

They wanted so badly to be like our Father that they took the scary plunge and came to earth. 

A focus on His character can give your children a great boost to help them achieve this eternal dream. 


Which attribute will you begin with?

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Every child is different.

Which character trait do you think is most important for you daughter or son?

Tell me more.

(In the comment section)


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