Teaching kids to follow the Prophet? Here's 104 inspired ideas
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Teaching children to follow the prophet? Here’s 100+ inspired ideas

Do your children know where to look for trusted counsel?

Help them understand that they can trust the prophets

to lead them safely through this confusing maze of a world.

Here is a myriad of ideas to help them learn to follow the Prophet.

How to teach kids to follow the prophet

It’s great to know that your kids should follow the prophet to live a safe and happy life.

But you are looking for some actual ideas, right?

Here are more than 100 effective and fun ways

to help your kids understand that Prophets truly do know the way.

Great ideas for kids

Play follow the leader – This game can help children understand the value of following inspired leaders.

Sing Follow the Prophet and play this fun game

Act out stories or do these fun activities about when people followed the prophet and were safe and happy.

Maze – Create a simple maze from chairs, pillows etc. Before you go in to do the maze ask children if they would rather do the maze with lights on or off. Talk about how prophets help us know which way to safely go in our lives. Following the prophet in our life is like having a light on in a maze.

Choose a family goal from something the Prophet has asked us to do.

Use this song to memorize the 6th Article of Faith

Include the words of the living prophet in your family scripture study time

Or try one of these other 97 wonderful ideas

Teaching kids to follow the Prophet? Here's 104 inspired ideas
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Try one of these fun ways to teach kids to follow the prophet

Help your kids love and follow trusted prophets

Now we have a world where people are confused.

If you don’t believe it, go and watch the news.

We can get direction all along our way, if we heed the prophets–

follow what they say.

Follow the Prophet

What a gift Heavenly Father has given us when He gave us prophets.

You can give this same gift to your children.

Help them understand that as they follow the prophets,

they are following their loving Father in heaven.

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Teaching kids to follow the prophet? Here's 100+ inspired ideas
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