First time at the Temple? Tips to prepare your kids physically
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First time at the Temple? Help kids prepare physically

You know that your kids need to be spiritually prepare when they go to the Temple.

But are there physical ways they need to prepare also?

Read on

Check off these physical details to make your kids first experience at the Temple a joy

“We go to great lengths preparing our children

for many exciting “first” in life . . .

There is a great opportunity, even sooner now,

to prepare our children for their first temple experience.”

Some Things You Need to Know About the Temple

There are a few things that can make all the difference for your kids

that you may have overlooked.

Just a few minutes of your time

can help your children avoid difficulties that can distract them from the Spirit.

Your child’s first Temple recommend

Your kids need to know that they should bring their recommend with them that day

to show at the entrance of the Temple.

Help them understand that when they show their recommend at the front desk,

they can take time to feel very, very proud of themselves.

Because they should.

They really, really should.

3 tips about how to dress in the Temple

It will help if your kids understand how they should dress

and act while in the Temple.

Dressing modestly out of respect for the Lord

and for themselves

will help them feel more comfortable when they are there.

  1. Help your kids visualize how they would dress if they were to meet the Savior. They wouldn’t want to worry about whether their clothes were appropriate when they could be focusing on how happy they are to be with the Savior. The same holds true for going to the Temple. They will want space in their heart for the Holy Ghost to influence them rather than being inwardly focused on uncomfortable feelings.
  2. Dress like it’s the Sabbath day – What a smart idea it would be to treat every “Temple going” day like it is the Sabbath. Dressing like it’s the sabbath is only one aspect of this idea. They could also listen to uplifting music, focus on scriptures and avoid anything that would take them away from the Spirit on that day. These efforts will help their hearts to be more fully prepared to have a beautiful experience in the Temple.
  3. Think about how other people dress while at the Temple. They will need to be a little bit careful about this tip because not everyone is a good example. But in general, they can get an idea of what they should do from the best examples. They can also remember the way that Temple garments cover the body. This will help them understand what parts of the body should be covered.
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You can help your child prepare physically for their first time at the Temple

Overcome the obstacles

Help your children recognize that there will be opposition.

Temple blessings have the potential to bring them so much spiritual power

and strength

that it is alarming to the adversary.

If they are forewarned that there will be obstacles

both physical and spiritual

then they can say to themselves,

“I see what you are trying to do Satan and it’s not going to work.

I’m going anyway.”

Physical preparations can help your kids have a great first Temple visit

Spiritual preparation is obviously the most important thing to focus on

as your kids prepare themselves for their first Temple visit,

but physical preparations can make a big difference too.

Check these details off the list

and you can make it more likely that their time in the Temple

will be happy and memorable.

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