10 simple tips to help kids sail through a Temple recommend interview joyfully
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10 simple tips to help kids joyfully sail through a Temple recommend interview

You want your child’s first Temple recommend experience to be sweet and strengthening.

How can you help your child get ready?

Try these inspired ideas.

How to help your child be ready & excited for their first Temple recommend interview

1st idea: Be a great example

As you attend and joyfully serve in the Temple you can show your kids how important it is to you.

Help them understand how deeply you love the Temple.

This will help them look forward to the time that they will have that opportunity too.

2nd: Help them get involved in family history work

Family history and Temple work have many of the same blessings.

If children learn to love the Spirit of Elijah, then they will recognize Holy Ghost in the Temple.

3rd: Encourage them to attend “Temple and Priesthood Preparation”

Learning about these things alongside their friends will add a motivation and sense of belonging.

4th: Do an imaginary run through of going to the Temple

Your kids will likely be quietly concerned about the practical details.

Talk about what they will wear, bring and do in detail.

You can put to rest unspoken concerns and make everything feel more real to them.

Help your child prepare for their first Temple recommend interview: How, what and when
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You can help your child prepare for their first Temple recommend interview.

5th: Set a date and some goals

Help them identify the actual day they will be eligible for their interview with them.

Mark the soonest day they could actually walk through the doors of the Temple on the family calendar.

This can bring a level of excitement that will help them make the efforts needed to get their own recommend.

As you review the Temple recommend questions with your child they may have some concerns.

That is what goals are for.

What a joy it can be for you and your child to work together to firm up their foundations.

That will make the day they walk into the Bishop’s office a joyful rather than stressful day.

6th: Visit the Temple together

The grounds of the Temple are special, beautiful and full of that sweet feeling of being loved.

Take the opportunity to bear your testimony while you are there

and let your kids see just how much the Temple means to you.

Let them touch the walls.

Let them talk about how soon they will get to go themselves.

Take pictures for their memory book.

Make it a special day leading to even more special days in the future.

7th: Review the actual questions they will be asked in the interview

You can find them here.

Knowing what to expect before they sit across from the Bishop will help them feel prepared.

8th: Media

You can search the topic of “Temples” on ChurchofJesusChrist.org.

You will find more resources than you can possibly use.

For example: Explore churchofjesuschrist.org/temples

This site is full of wonderful resources to help your kids prepare.

It has videos, answers to questions, information about ordinances, maps, pictures and more.

You can also look at the “Resources for teaching children” page under Temples.

Here is a link.

These amazing resources will help you feel confident as a parent that you know what is appropriate to share with your kids.

Go look! It is a very helpful resource.

Take time to familiarize them with new concepts.

For example: recommend, endowment, covenant, exaltation, ordinances,

the veil, initiatory, sealing, celestial, terrestrial, telestial, baptism for the dead, proxy.

Last but not least: Encourage children to donate to the Temple fund

Sacrificing for the work of the Lord can be a powerful way to help your children turn their thoughts,

actions and heart to the Lord.

That can go a long way toward helping them be prepared.

You can start now to help your child prepare for a Temple recommend interview

Don’t feel like you need to do all of these ideas.

Just choose one thing.

Start helping your child get ready for a beautiful experience

that will strengthen them and turn their hearts more fully to the Lord.

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10 simple tips to help kids joyfully sail through a Temple recommend interview
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