How to help your kids prepare for a Temple recommend interview
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How to help your kids prepare for a Temple recommend interview: Start with why

Is a Temple recommend interview in your child’s future?

What can you as a parent do to help them feel prepared?

Read on for inspired ideas.

Why prepare kids for their Temple recommend interview?

Young people who are nearing the time of their first Temple recommend interview may feel some anxiety.

If they haven’t been prepared ahead of time, they won’t know what to expect and may be unsure,

not knowing what to expect.

There are many things you can do as a parent

to help turn a potentially anxious experience into a joyful, spirit filled memory.

Your children will have many valid questions.

Fortunately, there are answers.

Why do they need to have an interview?

Temple recommend interviews allow members to demonstrate that they have a testimony

and are striving to obey God’s commandments and follow His prophets.

Priesthood leaders also affirm, through the interview, that the member is worthy.

General Handbook 26.3

If your child has been making honest efforts to be obedient to the Lord,

then a Temple recommend interview can feel like an awards ceremony.

You can reassure them that their time with the Bishop or his counselors

can be a beautiful time to affirm their love of the Lord,

be recognized for their efforts

and prepare for the joy of entering the Temple feeling prepared and welcome.

You can tell your daughter or son that if their testimony is not yet formed enough for confidence

then the interview can help them identify areas to work on.

How to help your kids prepare for a Temple recommend interview
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You can help prepare your child for a Spirit filled Temple recommend interview.

The Temple recommend interview is not a pass or fail test

We are not expected to be perfect to enter the temple.

Rather, the purpose of the things we learn and the covenants we make in the temple

is to help perfect us.

Being worthy to enter the temple

Your child may feel concerned that they are not perfect or that their testimony is is still just a tiny seed.

You can help them understand that seeds are precious to Heavenly Father.

Expressing their feelings during the interview is an opportunity to share their love for Heavenly Father.

The Bishop and his counselors will be there to help them figure out if they are ready to attend the Temple.

They will do so out of love and will be helpful and kind.

Preparing kids for their Temple recommend interview can be a joy

Mormon tenderly told his son Moroni: “I recommend thee unto God, and I trust in Christ that thou wilt be saved.”

What a wonderful family event it will be when your child walks out of the Bishop’s office

with a shining face and a joyful heart.

You can help them.

Are you looking for more ideas about how, what and when to help your children prepare

for their Temple recommend interview?

Click here for more.

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How to help kids prepare for a Temple recommend: Start with why
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