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How Heavenly Father’s Example of Forgiveness Protects Your Child


Your child will be hurt at some point.

I know, it’s hard to even think about.

But you can prepare them for upsetting moments.

You have seen the Father’s beautiful examples of forgiveness in the Temple.

How can you teach your children to follow His pattern?

What protective Temple teachings can you offer them? 

Can you imagine the sense of shock?

The stunned fear that Adam and Eve must have felt as they began to understand the consequences of the choice they had made?

Not only did they have to explain to Heavenly Father what they had done, 

They also began to realize that their choice meant that they could not be in His presence … ever again. 

Their relationship with the Being that they loved more than anyone or anything was ended, destroyed.

And there was nothing they could do to repair this precious relationship or to save themselves from the horrible consequences of their choice.

The problem was utterly impossible.

It was too big.


Then, the Father spoke.

It was not too big.

In a few words, Father in Heaven changed everything.

He had a plan.

And He had a willing Son.

He continued to love them.


The Father offered Adam and Eve a way to receive forgiveness for their transgression.

His forgiveness changed everything.


Forgiveness Can Protect Your Child


Teaching your children how to give and receive forgiveness like Heavenly Father …

can change everything for them too. 


Tell them the true story.

They can learn from His perfect example and from Adam and Eve’s examples too.


They can  learn :

  • How to act in painful situations
  • The importance of learning to forgive other people
  • What to do when they need forgiveness themselves
  • How to manage the feelings that come with being wronged . . . or doing wrong.


Conversation Starting Questions about the Power of Forgiveness


Why do you think Heavenly Father provided a way for Adam and Eve to repent?

Why do you think Jesus was willing to do the hard things he did?

Does the true story of Adam and Eve affect my life?

Did Heavenly Father and Jesus hate or love Adam and Eve after they made their mistake?

If Heavenly Father treated Adam and Eve so kindly when they transgressed, how should I treat people who mess up?

Does forgiving others help me be happy?

How does it protect me?



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Here are a few forgiveness resources that can help you:


“You Can Repent and  Forgive” – a very simple but useful description that can help children learn “how to” repent and forgive.

“Building  Forgiveness ” – an easy art project with great suggestions about how to develop forgiveness skills.

“Help Me, Dear Father” – a short children’s hymn asking the Father to help us learn to forgive and repent. 

“Pockets Full of  Rocks ” – a charming story told in rhyme about how holding grudges can weigh you down.

“Everyone makes  mistakes ” – A poster about forgiving ourselves. (Which may be the hardest skill of all.)

“Jesus Christ is My Savior and   Redeemer ” – A puzzle emphasizing the role of the Savior in forgiveness and repentance.

“The Third Article of Faith” – An easily memorized reminder that we may be saved through the Atonement of Christ.


What greater gift could you give to your children than the gift of understanding the concept of forgiveness …


Because forgiveness can protect your child.


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How was your experience teaching and learning about forgiveness?

What other conversation starting questions did you think of? 

I would love to hear back from you in the comment section.


How Heavenly Father’s Example of Forgiveness Can Protect Your Child
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