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Teach Kids to Love Service: 9 Temple Tips


You want to teach your children the joy of service.

But when they hear the word “service,”

they think work,


do I have to?

 How can you help them see that service is a glistening golden key?

Keep reading!


Teach Kids to Love Service


Its a key to a door that opens to a world of joy,



even fun.

The Temple can show you how to open their eyes and their hearts to service.



Talk about how serving in the Temple is a joy to you


Why is serving in the Temple a joy?

Share your enthusiasm about serving in the Temple and finding ancestors who need Temple ordinances.

Do you remember the service that the Savior offered in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve thought

that their choice had doomed them to eternal misery?

Talk to your children about how you feel about the service that the Savior offered then and now.

Teach them that following the example He set can make all the difference.



Semantics – Help vs serve


Children, especially young children might be confused by the term “service.”

Instead teach them about “helping” other people. 

Kids love to help!



Extra treats

One family started a tradition.

Whenever they made treats, they made extras and brought them to someone they thought needed to be

cheered up.

What a great way to help kids experience the joy that comes with good deeds.



Needs survey poster

Get a large piece of poster board.

Have each family member write a few things that they need help with.

Little ones can draw pictures if they can’t write yet.

During the week each family member can anonymously do one of the things on the chart and check it off

with a big check mark.



Just can help kids learn to love service

 Find a family service project

Jump on the website with your kids looking over your shoulder

(or the other way around).

Browse the list of options.

There is sure to be something there that catches their interest.



Secret Service Jar

Decorate a jar.

Get a package of little pompoms.

When someone does a secret good deed, they can put one pompom in the jar.

When the jar is full the whole family gets a reward

(dessert, movie and popcorn, a day off of chores etc.)

As they do good deeds anonymously,

the whole family will benefit.

You can use the “Service Snap” ideas below. 



Service snap Ideas

See the downloadable printout below that I made for you.

You can use it to make a cute box or jar holding quick ideas for service that can be done in a snap.




Memorize a scripture together

“When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God.”

Mosiah 2:17

Print this scripture out and post it where the family can see it

Recite it together each night at dinner.

Draw pictures about this scripture.

Talk about it throughout the week. 

Ask them how it feels to serve God.



“Make an enemy into a friend” challenge

Ask each family member to think of someone they are mad at

or someone who is mad at them.

Suggest that they start doing little good deeds for that person.

They can pray for them too.

In a week or so, ask your family how things went.


Both Heavenly Father and the Savior are shining examples of service.

They show us in the Temple and throughout our lives what a joy service can be.

Even small children can do little secret good deeds.

It can be exciting and fun.

The bonus blessing is that as family members look outside of themselves to find ways to serve others,

contention will reduce,

selfishness will fade,

and love will grow.

Win, win!

So, go ahead, teach those kids to love service.


I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this matter.

Please leave your comments below. 


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