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Helping Your Child #HearHim?



President Russell M. Nelson has issued the challenge.

Learn how you #HearHim.

How can you help your child discover how they #HearHim?

Read on for ideas.

‘If He comes to a little child, He will adapt himself to the language and capacity of a little child’

Joseph Smith, History of the Church, 3:392


The Lord has promised that each of us will be taught truth in our own language.

 What is your child’s language?

How does the Savior communicate with him or her?

Through their heart?

 Their mind?

Their ears?


Or even their hands?


Helping Your Child #HearHim


 You know your son or daughter better than anyone.

If you and your child can figure how the Lord is speaking to her,

She will gain confidence, strength and joy in every aspect of her life.

Infographic about ways that children may hear the Holy Ghost
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The Emotionally “In Tune” Child


Is your child “all heart?”

Then focus on feelings.

Talk to him about how the Holy Ghost can communicate through emotions.

 To some it may feel like a warm blanket wrapped around his shoulders.

 A heartfelt hug from a friend.

Or sitting in front of a glowing fireplace.

To others it feels peaceful.

 Like watching shimmering waves ripple on a serene shoreline,

Or surveying a shining sunset.

Your “in tune” child will benefit from regular quiet time to become more aware of how Heavenly Father speaks to him.

To tap into their inspired emotions,

A peaceful, cheerful home environment can help.

But they may be confused about how intense the feelings of the Spirit typically are.

 A discussion of Elder Bednar’s thoughts about what to expect will help.


“Sometimes, I may think that a very dramatic spiritual impression is going to come. But most often His messages to me are quiet, subtle, and small. If I expect a big answer and I receive a series of small answers, I may not recognize them. “

Elder David A. Bednar


* *When you notice your child experiencing any of this communications from the Lord make sure you bring it to their attention.**


Helping the Logical Child #HearHim


If you have an intellectually inclined child,

Watch for Aha!! moments.

 Light bulb ideas that flash from nowhere.

These are often the way the Lord speaks to your logical child.

Some people feel the Holy Ghost as a clarity of thought.

 A light,

An intelligence beyond their own ability.

This child will be heavily influenced by media for both good and ill.

The barrage of ideas and opinions in media may interfere with their ability to hear the Spirit.

Focus on the skill of choosing media wisely,

And sparingly.

They can benefit from discussions about gospel truths,

Let them work to wrap their logic based minds around limitless gospel truth.

 They can connect with the Lord as they see and think about what He has accomplished with His own intelligence.


All Ears?


Perhaps your child is an auditory learner.

She may feel the spark of testimony by listening to Prophets and Apostles.

Or by discussing gospel ideas out loud.

She may more fully connect to the Spirit as she prays vocally,

 Or bears testimony.

Listen to gospel centered music with her.

Talk about how it makes her feel.

Or what thoughts come into her mind as she experiences inspiring music.

How about trying silence?

Quiet, peaceful moments can provide opportunities for the Spirit to reach her heart.


“I tell my grandchildren that they should set aside quiet time each day to think about their lives and ponder what the Lord wants them to do.”

Elder Russell M. Ballard


The Eyes Have It


Some children are visual learners.

He may feel the Spirit through reading scriptures,

Watching the Prophet speak,

 Creating gospel themed art,

Or viewing other people’s beautiful inspired creations.

Fill your own home with gospel centered art to give him the atmosphere his eyes need.

This child may also be touched by the wonders of God’s creations.

When is the last time you spent a warm summer night gazing at the sparkling stars together?

Or looked at the miniature world through a magnifying glass?


How to help the Hands On Child #HearHim


Is your child a tactile learner?

You could provide opportunities for “hands on “service.

The Lord loves to reward action.

Whether it’s creating things with their hands,

Or experiencing encounters with nature,

Your action focused child can feel a connection with the Savior though physical activity.

As they challenge themselves physically,

They can see the Lord add His strength to theirs.

Enabling them to accomplish aspirations beyond their own abilities.

Or actively participating in Temple and family history work can reach their hearts.

The key word is “active”.


“All thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children”

Isaiah 54:13


The Reward for Helping your Child #HearHim


Watch carefully.

When you see the Lord communicate in any of these ways to your child,

Make sure you point it out to them.

Identifying these moments is key.

You know your child better than anyone.

You will have more opportunity to spot these foundational experiences.

 The more often they identify these formative moments,

The more confident they will become in their ability to #HearHim.

As your child grows in confidence in their ability to hear the Savior’s voice,

They will find protection,


And joy.

And so will you.

“Our Father knows that when we are surrounded by uncertainty and fear, what will help us the very most is to hear His Son. . . As you more intentionally hear. . . I promise that you will be blessed with additional power to deal with temptation, struggles, and weakness. I promise miracles.”

President Russell M. Nelson


May you have joy in helping your child #HearHim.

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I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this matter.

By the way, how do you hear Him?

Please leave your comments below.


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4 thoughts on “Helping Your Child #HearHim?”

  1. Thank you Melanie. I really hope this helps you and your children. What a joy it is to see the Holy Ghost work in children’s lives!

  2. This is beautiful! I have been pondering this greatly and I love the way you address the different learning styles of each child. Thank you!

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