How to prepare children for the Temple
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How to prepare children for the Temple

Your children have come to the earth at a time when they will have opportunity to do great things for the Lord.

They need to be ready.

And preparing them for the time when they can go to the Temple

is also a great way to help them begin to be blessed by the Temple right now.

Here is a flood of ideas how.

Help your children be ready for the Temple

“Take a thousand opportunities to teach these things freely to our children . . .

Slowly and surely we can take from our own heart the feelings we have about the temple

and graft them into the hearts of our children.”

George Durrant

Tell your children why they should prepare now for the Temple

Do your children know why it is important for them to prepare themselves

even if their Temple attendance opportunities may seem distant?

A few reasons that you can bring to their attention are:

  • Practice makes perfect.
  • Living “Temple worthy” is the same as keeping the covenants they make at baptism.
  • Keeping themselves “Temple worthy’ will make them strong, pure and close to the Spirit right now.

Help your family understand how to prepare

  • Do your children known what to expect in a Temple recommend interview?

Look here for the questions.

  • Have you talked to your children about your experiences in the Temple?

The more they hear about the Temple, the more comfortable they will feel

when they are able to go to the Temple themselves.

Show your family the Temple

Children most often adopt the attitudes and reverence for the temple that their parents feel.

A child’s feelings for the temple will most likely follow the example they have seen.

Three Ways You Can Prepare Your Children for the Temple

Show your family by example how much your Temple worship has changed you.

Talk to them about how you feel when you go to the Temple.

Share “Two Apostles Lead a Virtual Tour of the Rome Italy Temple” with them

to give them a clear view of what a Temple looks like and what Temples are for.

Visit Temple grounds and open houses whenever possible.

Help your children prepare for the Temple
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You can help your children prepare now for the Temple.

Take an imaginary visit to the Temple

Set aside some one-on-one snuggle time with your child.

Have them close their eyes.

Describe in a soft voice what it would be like to walk into and through a Temple.

Talk about how it will feel, what they will see and touch, perhaps even how clean everything will smell.

Children love to imagine.

You can open their minds and hearts to Temple blessings for a few moments.

The warm, happy feelings may last much longer than that.

Encourage them to start preparations right now

Children can be encouraged to set temple marriage as a goal during family interviews.

Teaching Children about Temple Marriage

*As you help your children set goals, encourage them to set goals with the Temple in mind.

*Suggest that preparing themselves to go to the Temple one day is one of the best goals they can set.

*During family interviews ask your children how they feel about the Temple

or if they have any questions about the Temple.

*Prepare the way for your kids to develop the habit of doing family history work.

Help your children prepare themselves for the Temple now

The rising generation is coming “to this earth with important responsibilities and great spiritual capacities,

we cannot be casual in how we prepare them.”

Elder Neil L. Andersen

You don’t need to do everything all at once.

Just choose one of the ideas above and start helping your children be prepared for their own Temple service.

Then sit back and watch how Heavenly Father works with your children.

Watch for the blessings that will come to your whole family.

How to prepare your children for the Temple
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