Temple Truths for children: Follow the Prophet
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Temple Truths for Children: Follow the Prophet

In the Temple we promise to avoid “evil speaking” toward those who have been called of God.

How can you use this valuable guidance

to help your kids navigate this world that loves to criticize?

Read on:

Why do children need to learn to follow the Prophet?

We are most definitely a peculiar people.

We have been accused of following our prophet like brainless sheep.

I can understand why someone on the outside looking in would think that this is true,

except for several very important things.

And those things can really help our children.

God’s pattern of prophets from the beginning can give kids peace

“Like the original Church

that Jesus Christ established during His mortal ministry,

the Church today

is “built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets,

Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone.””

We Believe in Following the Prophet

The Lord works through his prophets.

It has been this way from the very beginning.

As you teach your children about the millennia of precedence that is in place

starting from Adam and extending thousands of years to today,

you can give your children a sense of the rock-solid foundational strength

of Heavenly Father’s plan.

You can help them learn that they can trust the prophets of God.

True prophets will never lead your children astray

“I say to Israel,

The Lord will never permit me

or any other man who stands as president of the Church

to lead you astray.

It is not in the program.

It is not in the mind of God.”

Wilford Woodruff

You can safely teach your children

that when the President of the church speaks prophetically

they can rely on the wisdom and truthfulness of what is being said.

In addition, the Holy Ghost can reassure them that what is being said is from Heavenly Father.

That precious gift from Heavenly Father can pierce through

all of the confusion in the world.

Your kids can know what voice to follow.

And that fact is truly powerful.

Temple Truths for children: Follow the Prophet
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You can teach your children that they can trust the Prophet’s counsel.

Reject the prophets – lose the Spirit’s guidance

“For behold, the Spirit of the Lord ceaseth soon to strive with them;

for behold, they have rejected the prophets.”

1 Nephi 7:14

Your children really need to know

how important it is to listen, to and act on the counsel of the prophets.

There is such a strong connection between following the prophet and the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Not only can they have a second witness of the prophets words through the Holy Ghost,

they can lose access to the Spirit if they ignore or fight against the words of God’s prophets.

And they will need both of those gifts to navigate this challenging world.

When we follow the prophet we follow Heavenly Father

“For his word ye shall receive,

as if from mine own mouth,

in all patience and faith.

For by doing these things

the gates of hell shall not prevail against you.”

Doctrine & Covenants 21:5-6

Our prophets are the anointed mouthpieces of God.

They have been carefully trained, tested, and chosen to fulfill their prophetic role.

Although they are not yet perfect, they are perfectly fitted to their office.

And the Lord is perfectly capable of helping them do all that is required of them.

The Lord has assured us that we can trust His Prophets because they are mouthpieces of God.

As you teach your children these truths

they will see more clearly

and be able to avoid unnecessary pain and confusion,

(not to mention prevailing over the “gates of hell!”)

Teach your children to follow the Prophet

“Now we have a world where people are confused.

If you don’t believe it, go and watch the news.

We can get direction all along our way,

If we heed the prophets–follow what they say.”

Follow the Prophet

We can help our children know exactly what to do in every confusing situation in their lives.

They can get direction all along their way.

What parent doesn’t want that for their kids?

Practical ideas to help you teach children to “Follow the Prophet”

Why should we sustain our Prophets?

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Temple Truths for Children: Follow the Prophet
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