How to use the Temple to teach children eternal potential
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The eternal potential of kids: How to use the Temple as a teaching pattern

The power of an idea.

When you help your children internalize their eternal potential

you help them develop a fierce determination

that will see them through anything thrown at them.

What better place to look for help teaching them this potent idea than the Temple?

Read on for plenty of powerful parenting ideas.

I, God, said unto mine Only begotten, which was with me from the beginning:

let us make man in our image, after our likeness;

and it was so.

Moses 2:26

(This post is part of a series exploring the eternal potential of children. Look forward to related posts including how this truth can inspire your children, help you in your parenting, and an activities and ideas post. )

The Temple: A pattern for children to learn about eternal potential

The Temple experience is all about potential.

Heavenly Father sees us as we are: flawed, struggling and living “below our privileges.”

He opens our minds and our hearts with astonishing ideas

and then opens His arms and says,

“Come unto me.”

The Temple is an inspired way to teach your children about who they truly are

and what they can become.

Use the Temple to teach children the depths of their potential.

How to use the Temple to teach children eternal potential
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Physical symbols of eternal potential in the Temple

Think about the way the Temple is physically organized.

On the lowest level is the fundamental ordinance of baptism

combined with the gift of the Holy Ghost and priesthood authority.

Next, you climb to the beautiful and mind-expanding initiatory ordinances

which prepare you to begin to grasp the grandeur of the great endowment from God to man.

Finally, you rise to the level of sealings.

Wife forever linked to husband.

Child eternally safe in their parents love.

Then, think about the spires that point upward,

drawing your eye undeniably to the heavens.

What can you find in those physical symbols can you use to teach your children about their eternal potential?

Spiritual evidences of eternal progress in the Temple

The powerful hymn “I am a child of God” has influenced you and your children throughout your lives.

In the Temple, the Lord not only lets you hear that fundamental truth taught in that hymn,

He shows you.

The grand vision of eternal potential

Just like when He told Moses,

Behold, thou art my son; wherefore look, and I will show thee“,

the Lord can open the minds of your children to possibilities.

He can mold their hearts as they begin to understand the scope of His promises.

You can regularly remind your children that they are in fact, the actual children of God.

From the beginning

In the Temple as well as in the scriptures

the Lord teaches that your children are created in His image,

just like Adam and Eve.

You can help them understand that the magnitude of the concept of eternal progression is beautiful

rather than daunting because God says it is possible and expected.

As you view His magnificent creations that the Temple emphasizes,

you can help children feel the awe and joy that can permeate their hearts

when they understand that He is able to do all things.

He is able to help His children stand, then walk, then run.

Your children can gradually, line upon line, become even as He is.

How can the Temple help teach kids of their eternal potential?

Some would say that children are not developed enough to understand the concept of eternal progression.

But think about the last time you heard children singing “I am a child of God.”

Can you have any doubts that children are often taught truths by the Spirit

that are difficult for adults to fully grasp?

The Temple is so full of ways to teach this and other important topics.

Combined with help from the Spirit, you can help your kids begin to understand.

You can help them become strong, determined and full of the joy of understanding.

Use the Temple to teach children about their eternal potential.

How to use the Temple as a pattern: The eternal potential of children
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